Under30CEO Publishes Wise Words on Startups from Marty and RidePost

Dec 3rd, 2012 | Written by Eric Dodds | No Comments

Under30CEO recently published a few smart articles from Marty Bauer of RidePost. Here’s a preview of his wise words for startups:

Top 5 Apps For Your Startup

With countless apps available and dozens that I’ve downloaded personally, there are actually only a few that truly help your business everyday. As a lean startup, I quickly learned the importance of great and free apps. Below is my list of top apps for your startup and mine. Read the full article.

When Is The Best Time To Start A Startup?

“But now is not the best time” – Everyone else

Accept a dream job, graduate, leave that dream job, convince three other people to do the same, launch a startup, land seed funding, marry the girl of your dreams, move to a new city, leave the country for three weeks.

Logic says not to do more than two of these in a year. I did all of them in less than a month. If I can do all of that within a month – and survive – then you can do it too.

Read the full article.