“Keep Coding Y’all” – Jennilyn makes the turn for the homestretch

We’ve turned the corner to the second half of classes at The Iron Yard Greenville. We have been following along with current student Jennilyn as she is learning to code. Here are some excerpts from her daily posts – good, bad, tears and joy. 

Week 6


Friday was the dawn that turned Thursday’s monsters into piles of dirty socks and a big coat on the closet door. Our professors acknowledged everyone was feeling rocky (including them — can’t say enough good things about their honesty and patience!) so we did a review lesson which was very helpful. We also got some supplemental videos that provided a lot of ah-has. Read More

How is current student Jennilyn? Let’s check in

We’ve been following along with current Iron Yard student Jennilyn as she makes her way through the 12-week immersive class at our Greenville campus.
Let’s see how she is doing as we near the half-way point of class.

Week Five

Holy cow, this week is flying. We started back-end fundamentals this week and can I tell you that I am loving it? At least the material in the shallow end is a lot of fun. This week we are getting an overview, then we will dig deep in the three weeks ahead.

PLUS! We are learning some lightweight computer science. Er, internet science. Everything I’ve built so far is hosted on my internal server, which is why I can’t share a link with you (yet). We’ll learn hosting/deployment later.

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Is code school worth it? This single mom of three says yes

Louise has a lifelong love of learning, so much so she became a college professor.

For ten years, Louise taught Latin American history in North Carolina. While she was teaching, she was learning a new skill by building WordPress websites as a side job and hobby.

As an adjunct professor, work was not always guaranteed and the pay and lack of benefits was not enough to support her family as a single parent, but the side project websites interested her. She wanted to dive deeper to understand how WordPress website templates were built.

“I hated working with themes that were limiting so I started learning how to inspect my sites and trying to access code. At that point I was like, ‘Oh, I need to learn how to code,’ because if I could spend hours looking at code that I don’t understand there must be something there,” Louise said.

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Let’s check in with Jennilyn, current Greenville student

We’ve been following along with current Iron Yard student Jennilyn as she makes her way through the 12-week immersive class at our Greenville campus.
Today, we check in to see how she is doing and what she is learning. 

Week 3

Well, here goes nothing! “Real programming” has begun and I’m anxious yet excited (as usual). And I coded something! Based on tonight’s reading, I have a sense tomorrow will be much more in-depth. I sort-of understand the [this] concept but it’s not quite there. Best I can explain it’s JavaScript’s pronoun.

This afternoon I left The Iron Yard feeling a little down. We had a great day of class and I was gaining confidence with the application of arrays and loops — and then:

But I remembered that telling myself “yes, you can” will eventually drown out the discouragement.

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Iron Journeys: Meet Jennilyn, current Greenville student

Meet Jennilyn.

She’s a current student at our Greenville campus. Jennilyn has worked in journalism/design/account management but eventually gave in to the nagging feeling that there are more challenges to tackle, more to learn. With a knack for problem solving and troubleshooting, learning to code was a good next step.

Jennilyn has been documenting her code school journey on her blog and has agreed to let us follow along as she works her way through the 12-week class.

Here is a quick summary of her first two weeks:

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How to get the most out of a bootcamp – Catching up with Jessica

Jessica Dembe is a graduate of our DC campus. We heard from Jessica on International Women’s Day about her journey learning to program. In this interview with Code with Veni, Jessica gives advice on how to get the most out of immersive coding classes. 

Tell us about yourself

I work as an Associate Technical Consultant at Blackstone Technology Group (@BTGFed). I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Health from the University of Maryland, College Park and I recently graduated from the Front-End Engineering program at The Iron Yard.

My tech related projects include my iFeel app and trying to keep up to speed with JavaScript. In my free time, I like to cook, try peanut-free restaurants and recipes, and figuring out ways to stay active without being bored.

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Meet the three women leading The Iron Yard’s campus in Detroit

Detroit is fast becoming the home base for companies and entrepreneurs in industries ranging from healthcare and defense to information technology and homeland security. For tech talent, opportunity in the Motor City is enormous. In fact, companies in the area posted nearly 800 junior-level programming jobs in the last 90 days alone.

In the tech world, it’s not everyday that you get to brag about having a full roster of female leaders, but that’s exactly who we have leading our Detroit campus. So who are the three women leading The Iron Yard in Detroit? We sat down with Emily Crisman, Campus Director; Emily Znamierowski, Campus Operations Manager and Ronda Bergman, .NET Instructor to learn more about their stories, passions and goals for the Detroit campus.

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Naghmeh’s Iron Journey: Setting an example for her daughter

When Naghmeh’s daughter was in kindergarten, she noticed that more boys were playing video games than girls. “She wasn’t ok with that,” Naghmeh said. Then and there, she decided to set an example for her daughter by going into the technology field.

Naghmeh recently finished our Back-End Engineering with Ruby on Rails course in Austin. She used to run her own family business – a home-based bakery. She made everything from scratch and offered tons of specialty items for clients with food restrictions. “For my business to take off, I had to have a website, because I didn’t have a storefront,” she said. “The person who managed my website moved out of town, and I was left alone and had to manage the site. I had no clue what HTML or CSS was, tags…I had to look it up online.” She started going to Meetups and began coding more than she was baking. That’s when she realized she wanted to make the move into technology and inspire others (particularly women) to get into the field.  Read More

Three questions for three (awesome) women leaders at The Iron Yard

The tech world has a reputation for being male-dominated and the numbers don’t lie – there is currently a disproportionately low number of women in the industry.

But there is good news. The industry has recognized this problem and government programs, nonprofits and private companies alike are all stepping up to enhance diversity efforts and welcome more women and girls into the tech field. Not to mention, with women like Megan Smith, United States Chief Technology Officer;  Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer at Facebook; and Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, leading the way, there is no shortage of amazing, smart women for future generations to look up to.

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The Growth Mindset: Addie’s Story

At 19 years old, Addie Padula is quite smitten with her job as a Front-End Developer at Colonial Life. “Colonial Life is great,” she said. “I am part of an awesome team filled with great people. They’re all so much fun.”

Addie (“My full name is Rebekah Adair Padula…nobody calls me that!”) was a precocious homeschooler when she was first introduced to coding. “My mom had a dog breeding business, and she always had a website before that was a thing you had to have,” she said. “She was ahead of the curve.” Read More