“Keep Coding Y’all” – Jennilyn makes the turn for the homestretch

We’ve turned the corner to the second half of classes at The Iron Yard Greenville. We have been following along with current student Jennilyn as she is learning to code. Here are some excerpts from her daily posts – good, bad, tears and joy. 

Week 6


Friday was the dawn that turned Thursday’s monsters into piles of dirty socks and a big coat on the closet door. Our professors acknowledged everyone was feeling rocky (including them — can’t say enough good things about their honesty and patience!) so we did a review lesson which was very helpful. We also got some supplemental videos that provided a lot of ah-has. Read More

How is current student Jennilyn? Let’s check in

We’ve been following along with current Iron Yard student Jennilyn as she makes her way through the 12-week immersive class at our Greenville campus.
Let’s see how she is doing as we near the half-way point of class.

Week Five

Holy cow, this week is flying. We started back-end fundamentals this week and can I tell you that I am loving it? At least the material in the shallow end is a lot of fun. This week we are getting an overview, then we will dig deep in the three weeks ahead.

PLUS! We are learning some lightweight computer science. Er, internet science. Everything I’ve built so far is hosted on my internal server, which is why I can’t share a link with you (yet). We’ll learn hosting/deployment later.

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Iron Grad spotlight – Shane Sniteman

Iron grad Shane Sniteman recently talked to Course Report about his time at The Iron Yard and what he is doing now. Preview: Shane is a musician living in Nashville (which was all Shane – we take no credit for any musical ability), is leading a team of mobile app developers, and his Iron Yard final project is a downloadable app with a few thousand users.

“Other schools seemed to be more cut and dry/ yes and no – answer this coding questions or not. I don’t really like that approach because The Iron Yard was more like, ‘Hey, you don’t have any coding experience. Can you get through this, push through and not quit?’ Long story short, they were just really cool.”

We appreciate you, Shane.

Read the full interview over at Course Report.

Speaking up, asking questions, leads to incredible opportunities: Katy’s Story

Katy Campen has accomplished a lot in her few years working in the technology industry.

She’s taught coding, developed curriculum, founded a coding camp for girls, planned events and a host of other things.

Despite her ambitious resume, Katy would not describe herself a naturally outgoing. She instead has built a career from asking questions and reaching out to the tech community.

After graduating college with a wide-ranging advertising degree with little job prospects, Katy landed an internship that required she have some experience in web programming. A friend told her about The Iron Yard and encouraged her to look into the courses.

“I just thought this sounded really different, an accelerated learning path. It was just something I had never heard of,” she said.

Katy moved from Tennessee to Greenville, SC to join classes at the campus.

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Iron Journeys: Meet Jennilyn, current Greenville student

Meet Jennilyn.

She’s a current student at our Greenville campus. Jennilyn has worked in journalism/design/account management but eventually gave in to the nagging feeling that there are more challenges to tackle, more to learn. With a knack for problem solving and troubleshooting, learning to code was a good next step.

Jennilyn has been documenting her code school journey on her blog and has agreed to let us follow along as she works her way through the 12-week class.

Here is a quick summary of her first two weeks:

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From amateur tech enthusiast to professional software engineer: Joshua’s story

It’s a story that has been told over and over again. With diploma in hand, a college graduate closes one chapter of his or her life, and for the first time doesn’t know how to open the next. Having a major is one thing, but putting that major to work in the real world can be an entirely different experience.

Joshua moved from New York to South Carolina to attend college. He received a bachelor of science in electronic and computer technology. He’d always been interested in technology, but even after receiving his degree he faced that ever-present question: What next? Read More

Michelle Child: Two years after graduating from The Iron Yard

Michelle graduated from The Iron Yard nearly two years ago. When we last checked in with her, she had just accepted a job in Columbia, S.C. and was ready to start her career as a web designer. Michelle had previously taught English in a small town in France, so she was familiar with the immersive educational model and was excited to jump into a completely new career. Today, she’s a professional designer working for a software company.

We recently showed Michelle her video interview from 2014, and asked her to reflect on her journey since graduating.  Read More

Learning code and harnessing confidence: Gabriel’s Story

People have many different life experiences that prepare them for the intense educational journey of The Iron Yard, but Gabriel Zarate had some preparation that was far different than most of our other students––on a salmon fishing boat in Alaska. “I needed to make some money before my wedding,” he said. So he went to Alaska and started working for a commercial salmon-fishing company.

While salmon fishing and computer programming might not seem relatable, Gabriel says that both of them require a tremendous work ethic. “It was the experience of a lifetime, but it was also grueling work that really prepared me for life during the course.”

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Three things I look for when hiring junior developers: Worthwhile’s Dan Rundle

Dan Rundle is CEO of software development firm Worthwhile. He’s also one of our most active Advisory Board members and has hired several Iron Yard grads. Dan sat down for a conversation with us about what it’s like to be part of our Advisory Board and what he looks for when hiring junior developers. (Want to get into programming? Start here.)

We wanted to share a few highlights from Dan’s interview, including three things he looks for during the hiring process. Read More