News & Observer stops by The Iron Yard, talks tech in the Research Triangle

The News & Observer stopped by our Raleigh campus to talk about how coding schools are providing a lane into the technology industry.

The article looks into the tech landscape in the Research Triangle and how coding schools are providing options for people who have an interest in learning web programming.

“The cost, flexibility and time frame of the boot camps are among the most appealing factors for people looking to get a piece of the tech pie. For those who have watched their friends struggle to find jobs after spending four years at a university, it’s a less risky investment.”

The Iron Yard campuses in both Raleigh and Durham have seen increased interest in coding education due to a growing tech industry in the area.

Read the full article here.

Driven by Data: Julio’s Story

One exciting benefit of learning to code is gaining the technical skills to solve real world problems. We love it when our students find they are able to tackle problems they faced in previous professional positions or in their personal lives using what they’ve learned in our courses. Julio Cardoza, a recent graduate from the Data Science course in Durham, NC, is an amazing example of someone who leveraged his new-found skills to solve an issue he faced as an Uber driver.

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From retail management to developer/entrepreneur: Bernard’s story

After graduating college with a business degree, Bernard was on the management fast-track with a major retailer for three years before he realized his desire for more was not going to disappear. He had a good job and a wonderful fiancée, but he couldn’t stop thinking about his interest in entrepreneurship and whether there was something more for him and his family.  Read More

Student project leads to national website rebuild for Girl Develop It

About a year ago in Durham, North Carolina, four of our code school students were hard at work in the last few weeks of their immersive course, focused on a final project that they had no idea would turn into a real-world website for a national nonprofit organization.

Amy Gori, Ruthan Freese, Chet Corey, and Emily Bond wanted to re-create an outdated website for Girl Develop It – a national nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development. Chapters for the organization are located in 46 cities, and there are 35,000+ members nationwide.

But the project didn’t end on Demo Day. Instead, their re-design was so impressive, Girl Develop It decided to implement it. What began as a final project ended up becoming the primary website for this national organization. Read More

The Iron Yard loves downtowns

In June 2015, Smart Growth America published a report called Core Values: Why American Companies are Moving Downtown in partnership with Cushman & Wakefield and the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis. The report looked at why companies of all types have chosen to locate in the urban core of cities across the U.S. They studied hundreds of companies, and interviewed dozens of executives – including The Iron Yard’s own Jessica Mitsch, Director of Global Campus Operations – to find out more. Jessica is based out of our Durham campus location. Read More