Stories from the Field – July 2017

We recently chatted with a few current students and grads from our Charlotte campus about their time at The Iron Yard and how code school equipped and challenged them and what they are doing now. 

Here is a taste of what they had to say. 


“I enrolled at The Iron Yard to broaden my skill set as a whole and make myself more attractive to the Charlotte market.”

“You’re really learning a whole new way to think.”


“Coding is probably one of the only things you can do that you’re making something everyday that hasn’t existed before.”

“The crash courses held by The Iron Yard are a phenomenal way to just kind of get your feet wet and see if it’s something that you want to do.”

“I think the biggest advice to people planning on coming to The Iron Yard is to plan on putting 150 percent in.”


“I knew coding was something that I really wanted to learn how to do. I stuck with it. Compared to college, it’s definitely more rigorous, it takes up a lot of time and effort, but it was worth it. “

“Our instructor is an experienced programmer. He’s worked in the field for a long time. Just having those resources available and working with people, being able to bounce ideas off my classmates, it was really invaluable.”

“The Iron Yard requires a lot of effort. It takes up a lot of time, but if you put in the effort, it makes a big difference.”

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Is code school worth it? This single mom of three says yes

Louise has a lifelong love of learning, so much so she became a college professor.

For ten years, Louise taught Latin American history in North Carolina. While she was teaching, she was learning a new skill by building WordPress websites as a side job and hobby.

As an adjunct professor, work was not always guaranteed and the pay and lack of benefits was not enough to support her family as a single parent, but the side project websites interested her. She wanted to dive deeper to understand how WordPress website templates were built.

“I hated working with themes that were limiting so I started learning how to inspect my sites and trying to access code. At that point I was like, ‘Oh, I need to learn how to code,’ because if I could spend hours looking at code that I don’t understand there must be something there,” Louise said.

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Team member spotlight: Meet Luke Segars, Charlotte instructor

When it comes to higher education, taking a non-traditional path or choosing a new format can still be a scary choice for many people. Specifically, our code bootcamp format can seem too good to be true – spend three months learning in an intense, immersive environment, and come out on the other side ready to interview for a job as a software developer?

As a long-time programmer and computer science purist, Luke Segars was still skeptical of code bootcamps when he started looking into entering the technology education space a few months ago. Today, he’s our Front-End Engineering instructor in Charlotte. Here’s his story. Read More

Team member spotlight: Wes Lawson, Charlotte Campus Director

Last week, we shared with you that we are officially opening enrollment for our full-time, immersive courses in Charlotte, N.C. Today, we want to introduce you to our Charlotte Campus Director Wes Lawson. Wes came to us with over a decade of experience in the education field, and we’re thrilled to have him representing us in the Queen City. We recently sat down with him to find out more about his passions, his experience and what makes him excited for the future. Read More

The Iron Yard Charlotte is enrolling!

Research firm CBRE recently named Charlotte as one of the top “momentum markets” for technology sector growth. In fact, the Queen City’s tech industry has grown by 28 percent in the last five years thanks in large part to companies like AvidXChange, Tresata and Pactera. In the past 90 days alone, there were more than 1,000 job postings for developer positions in the Charlotte area. More than 250 of those job postings were for junior-level developers.

All of that is to say, Charlotte is ready. Over the past few months, we’ve hosted some events and Crash Courses, and we’ve enjoyed getting to know CLT. Today, we can officially share with you that The Iron Yard Charlotte is accepting applications for our first immersive courses! Read More

We’re coming to the Queen City!

It’s no secret that Charlotte, N.C. is on the rise. It might not be as well-known that Charlotte’s tech scene has also reached a tipping point, and companies are scrambling to hire trained programmers. In fact, there are more than 250 job openings every 90 days in Charlotte for entry-level software engineers.

Today we officially announced that we’re opening a campus in Charlotte to help meet that hiring need. Read More