Two years after code bootcamp: Catching up with Thomas

When we last heard from Atlanta Front-End Engineering graduate Thomas McCracken, he was sharing his experience at The Iron Yard. Though coding, software development and technology weren’t foreign concepts to him with his background in geographic information systems, when his work started to more fully involve Python scripting, HTML and CSS, he was intrigued. “You could say I just kind of got the bug for it,” he said. Read More

Two years after code bootcamp: Lessons from a graduate

Emory graduated from our Atlanta Front-End Engineering course in the fall of 2014 – nearly two years ago. The below video interview was recorded right around the time that he graduated and was just about to enter the software development field. We recently caught up with Emory, who now lives and works in Boston and is a Business Analyst for Cure Forward Corp. After watching the interview again, he reflected on his journey since graduating from The Iron Yard and talked a little bit about how his code bootcamp experience has impacted his career and his life.  Read More

From dancer to developer: Heather’s story

I’m often asked, “what types of people go through The Iron Yard?” Having met hundreds of our graduates personally, I know first-hand that there isn’t a single mold our students fit. This week, I caught up with Heather Conley, a graduate from our Atlanta campus, who is a great example.

Before attending The Iron Yard, Heather had turned her passion for ballet into a career as a professional dancer and arts administrator. After several decades, though, she began to realize that she had hit a ceiling in career growth and started to think about new opportunities. Code schools first came onto her radar after she read an article about bootcamps and she then explored several programs. After going to an open house at The Iron Yard, she knew from both the welcoming environment and her interactions with the staff that it was the place for her. The decision was reinforced by meeting a graduate and hearing about the job that graduate found shortly after completing the program.

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Passionate educator becomes software engineer: Cori’s story

Though Cori Fowler went to school for environmental science, her passion for education led her to join AmeriCorps, where she focused on encouraging girls to pursue STEM-related education. She stumbled upon Hour of Code as an awesome resource to help get girls interested in coding, and she began to participate in Hour of Code herself. With each Hour of Code event, Cori began to understand the power of learning software development. Read More

Making TechHire a reality in Atlanta

It’s been a year since President Obama launched TechHire, a commitment by 20+ communities and 300+ employers committed to train workers (sometimes in nontraditional ways) for good jobs in tech. This morning, the White House announced that it has more than doubled the initiative by expanding to more than 40 cities, including Atlanta. Read More

From writing prose to writing code: Chelsea’s story

Chelsea Franz graduated from The Iron Yard as a Front-End Engineering student one year ago. After several years as a copywriter, she realized her career wasn’t moving forward as quickly as she was hoping. Her ambition led her to make a huge decision to completely change her life. She quit her job, moved back in with her parents and joined The Iron Yard. Today, Chelsea is working as a successful UX/UI Designer and Developer in Atlanta, and she’s found the flexibility and job satisfaction she was looking for. 

We recently caught up with Chelsea to learn how she was doing a year after graduation.  Read More

From graphic design to web development: Richard’s story

Richard-Daniel-The-Iron-Yard-GradWhen Richard started his job as a graphic designer in Birmingham, Alabama after graduating with a degree from Auburn, he certainly wasn’t expecting to get into coding. But working in-house at a big company meant he was exposed to several areas of the business. He was asked to help create some email designs, so he started dabbling in a bit of code. It was a painful process, but he found that he actually started to enjoy coding.

Within three years, Richard knew it was time for him to focus full-time on his passion for coding. He researched his options, compared code schools, and chose to enroll with The Iron Yard in Atlanta. He graduated in December 2014, and we recently caught up with him to find out how he’s doing. Read More

Kelley Rose: From marketing to web development

From time to time we like to share the exciting “stories in the making” and allow you to get to know more about current students and graduates. From this vantage point, you can learn more about where they’ve been and where they’re going.

Kelley graduated a couple of weeks ago from The Iron Yard’s Atlanta campus. She just accepted a job as a Front-End Developer with Digital Scientists in Alpharetta, Ga. You can read the original story on her blog.

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