How to hire great programmers

Hiring great programmers is no easy task. Rob Whelan knows exactly how hard it can be. As the VP of Technology for Rhinogram, a healthcare communication solution based in Charleston, South Carolina, he’s done his fair share of hiring and managing programmers.

We wanted to know the truth – how can employers get better at hiring the right programmers for their companies and projects? In the last two years, Rob has hired seven Iron Yard grads. So we went to him for advice. Read More

Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Lifeblue

Building a local Advisory Board is critical to the success of each of our campuses, and we are lucky to work with some pretty amazing companies across the country. Advisory Board members play an instrumental role in our students’ experience, and help us keep our fingers on the pulse of local hiring needs and employer priorities.

In Dallas, we are proud to call Lifeblue, a digital agency that specializes in high-end web development, an Advisory Board member. Not only do we value their insight into the industry, they are actively involved with our students giving guest lectures and have even hired two amazing #IronGrads as junior developers!

We recently caught up with Lifeblue’s co-founder Russel Dubree to learn more about the company’s vision, their experience hiring junior-level developers and the emphasis they place on lifelong learning. Below is more from our conversation:

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Worthwhile launches developer apprenticeships in Greenville, S.C.

Whenever we consider launching a new campus, our first step is to meet with local employers and tech leaders to discuss the hiring needs specific to that market. We then build curriculum and offer specific programs and courses based on those hiring needs, ensuring our graduates will be well-prepared to fill much-needed positions as junior developers in that market. As our campuses grow, we make it a priority to gather feedback, make adjustments, understand market needs and new tech trends, and continue to strengthen our course offerings.   Read More