Healthcare to software: Jennifer’s story

Last summer, Jennifer told us how she came to The Iron Yard and what it is like to make a career transition. We followed up with Jennifer to get a bit more of her story and to see what life has been like after graduation.

Jennifer Graves started down a traditional, four-year college degree route but soon life took her in a different direction.

“I started working and ended up liking the jobs that I was doing for the most part, and decided to just hold back on college for a little while and focus on the career that I was building at that time,” she said.

Jennifer worked as an administrative assistant at a doctor’s office and later moved into customer service with a national healthcare company. She was soon promoted to a management position, but that transition made her consider what she really wanted to do. Read More

Corporate Training spotlight: Instructor Curtis Schlak

Recently we brought you the story of how we are helping business like Blackbaud and Spoonflower teach their employees coding skills needed in the workplace through our Corporate Training program.

Technology advancements are providing solutions for companies of all sizes. Employers want to be sure their current workforce is trained to leverage these tools to grow their business.

Today we talk with one of our Corporate Training instructors, Curtis Schlak, about his experience working with companies, the benefit of equipping employees and retro games of tic-tac-toe.

Tell us about your professional background.

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Announcing the Tech Opportunity Fund

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Tech Opportunity Fund, a partnership of organizations committed to providing $100 million in diversity scholarships to deserving students who want to enter the tech industry. We’ve joined with Code Fellows and OperationHOPE to lead this effort, and this morning, Vice President Joe Biden included the Fund in a speech he gave in St. Louis!

At The Iron Yard, we’ve committed to $40 million in full-tuition scholarships over the next five years. Code Fellows has committed to $5 million in scholarships and Operation HOPE will serve as the Fund’s financial literacy and entrepreneur training partner. To reach our goal of $100 million in scholarships, we’ll need even more employers, code schools and civic organizations to join us.

Click here for the full press release.

Click here to read the White House blog post including the Tech Opportunity Fund.

Want to join us? Visit


How code school can help you expand your skills and change your career

We all want to start out on the right foot and make the best impression possible when starting a new career. In many cases, that may mean not only having job experience, but also being able to present a unique and specific skill set aimed at your target field. If your dream job is in the technology field, these skills can be learned at code schools that are designed to either expand your skills in your current field, or provide you a new set of skills to aid in the search for a new career. Attending a code school is a great way to add to your competitive edge. Read More

Diversity in tech: How code schools can make an impact

USA Today recently reported that women represent 26 percent of computing professionals and only 12 percent of professional engineers. Another study found that top universities graduate black and Hispanic computer science and computer engineering students at twice the rate that leading technology companies hire them.

The diversity gap in the tech field is well-documented. Now, the industry is challenged to do something about it. We are beginning to see initiatives by companies – including tech giants like Pinterest and Intel – working to address this issue and raise the bar for the industry.

While these internal efforts are a strong step in the right direction for making changes to the current tech workforce, code schools have the unique opportunity to help shape the diverse workforce of the future.

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A look back at the ROI of code bootcamp: Joey’s story

From time to time, we like to share the stories of our graduates to give you a chance to get to know more about them. By hearing from them directly, you can learn more about where they’ve come from, what their experience was like with The Iron Yard and where they are going from here. 

We hope their stories inspire you to think bigger about your own career goals and aspirations.

This is Joey’s story. Joey graduated in July 2015 from our Back-End Engineering course in Houston, with a focus on Ruby on Rails. After graduation, he reflected on his time at The Iron Yard and talked about the results of his experience. Read More

A fireside chat with Peter Barth: The Iron Yard approach to business

Peter at ConvergeA few months ago, our CEO Peter Barth gave a “fireside chat” at a Southern Series Startup event that we hosted along with Launch TN and Converge SE. During the talk, Peter gave attendees a behind-the-scenes peek at his approach to successfully growing a business. Many of his insights are at the core of what we believe and how we work at The Iron Yard. Of course, the success of our students is top-of-mind for us every day. For a glimpse at the other things that matter to our leaders and our entire team, read on. Read More

Battle of the code schools: a recap

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta, our own Sarah Lodato represented The Iron Yard in Atlanta’s Battle of the Coding Schools. The event was a huge success, and Sarah is back today to give a quick recap of the evening. 

There’s something pretty special about Atlanta’s tech scene: an active openness to peers and a distinct sense of community. It’s the very quality, in my opinion, that has supported so much of Atlanta’s recent tech-related growth, and it was great to see such support at the first-ever “Battle of the Code Schools” panel, organized by our friends at Hypepotamus on July 22nd. Read More