Real world developer: 6 code school skills I actually use

Iron Yard graduate Ashly LaMarr recently reflected on the code school skills she truly uses now that she’s six-plus weeks into her new job as a real-world developer. She decided to learn to code after more than a decade in accounting, and shares parts of her journey on her blog (read it here).

In her new position as a developer, there are six skills from code school she’s using every day. Her advice? Spend as much time focusing on the soft skills as you do on the actual code. It’ll pay off.

Read more – in Ashly’s own words – below.  Read More

Learn to Code With Me podcast: Interview with Astrid Countee

A couple of weeks ago, one of our awesome graduates participated in an interview on the podcast “Learn to Code With Me” with Laurence Bradford. Astrid Countee graduated from our Houston campus in December 2014. She previously worked as a data analyst in the oil and gas industry before making the switch to software development. Today, she’s an anthropologist, a researcher, and a freelance software developer.  Read More