A Musical Score for The Iron Yard? Yes!

Apr 16th, 2014 | Written by John Saddington | 1 Comments

Hi! My name’s Ryan Poplin. I’ve arranged and recorded a piano piece that conveys my experiences at The Iron Yard Academy.

Give it a listen here:

Here’s what inspired me to write the piece the way I did:

The Iron Yard Academy allows motivated men and women to transcend the traditional computer science education paradigm. Most University programs don’t offer the specificities required to produce production quality web and mobile applications out of the gate.

At the Academy, my classmates and I embarked on what was perhaps the most challenging and rewarding adventure of our lives! At an amazing location, for an affordable price, with top-shelf educators/leaders, with a ton of hard work; we built production quality applications for our final projects.

We realized that we’d become legitimate software engineers by the end of the program! In just three months, the foundations of our careers had been solidified.

Recently, nostalgia had begun to garnish my mind. This composition describes how I feel about the experiences I’ve had with The Iron Yard Team, and the opportunities that are available to my friends and I because of them.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

  • http://mkeas.org/ Matthew Keas

    Composing music. Awesome!