From the newsroom to the classroom: Sandra’s story

Sandra is a veteran journalist who spent years working for the Tampa Bay Times. She did everything from assignment editing to writing stories and serving as the senior web editor before taking a position as the executive director of the Edible Peace Patch Project, a nonprofit that creates sustainable food systems in St. Petersburg, FL.

After taking a few months off to take care of some family matters, Sandra saw an ad for The Iron Yard while she was in her hometown of Charleston, SC with her mother. She was reminded that there was also an Iron Yard campus in the Tampa Bay area, where she now lives, and she made a quick decision to join the Fall 2015 cohort.

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Opportunity Project creates opportunities in the classroom

In March, The Iron Yard had the honor of collaborating with the White House to launch the Opportunity Project. This program makes community-specific data sets open and available to the public to help communities create solutions to their most pressing challenges like increasing access to jobs, housing, transportation, schools, neighborhood amenities and other critical resources.

When the Opportunity Project was announced, The Iron Yard committed to using the “Open Opportunity Data” in our curricula and student projects. Now, three months later, many of The Iron Yard’s students have had the chance to use the data and create civic-minded apps that benefit the communities where they live and work.

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Why I chose The Iron Yard: Mariah’s story

Mariah is finishing up week eight of her journey with our Front-End Engineering with JavaScript and MVC Frameworks course in San Antonio. With just four weeks to go, she recently reflected about her journey so far on her blog, CreativiTree.

We loved her perspective on why she chose to learn to code, how she chose the school that was the best fit for her, and how she’s feeling now that she’s almost to the finish line. So, we asked her if we could share her thoughts here, and she gladly obliged. Read on for Mariah’s journey, in her own words.  Read More

Diversity in tech: How code schools can make an impact

USA Today recently reported that women represent 26 percent of computing professionals and only 12 percent of professional engineers. Another study found that top universities graduate black and Hispanic computer science and computer engineering students at twice the rate that leading technology companies hire them.

The diversity gap in the tech field is well-documented. Now, the industry is challenged to do something about it. We are beginning to see initiatives by companies – including tech giants like Pinterest and Intel – working to address this issue and raise the bar for the industry.

While these internal efforts are a strong step in the right direction for making changes to the current tech workforce, code schools have the unique opportunity to help shape the diverse workforce of the future.

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An update from Jessica Mitsch, The Iron Yard’s new Executive Director of the Code School

The Iron Yard has been off to the races in 2016. We have opened several new campuses, participated in the White House Opportunity Project and welcomed many more graduates into The Iron Yard alumni family. We’ve also made some exciting updates to our executive team, including promoting Jessica Mitsch to code school Executive Director.  

Most recently, Jessica served as the Director of Global Campus Operations and before that, she was the first Campus Director in Durham – needless to say she’s a veteran at The Iron Yard. In her new role, Jessica will focus on building national partnerships, increasing diversity and inclusion efforts, and supporting our growing alumni network.

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Team member spotlight: Fielding Arnold, Raleigh campus director

Last week, we shared with you that we are officially opening enrollment for our full-time, immersive courses in Raleigh, N.C. Today, we want to introduce you to our Raleigh Campus Director Fielding Arnold. Fielding came to us with experience not only in education, but also in sailing the high seas! We’re thrilled to have her representing us in Raleigh. We recently sat down with her to find out more about her passions, her experience and what makes her excited for the future. Read More

Greenville: On the Ground

Jo and I are on the ground in Greenville all this week joining the team with the launch of 2014’s first class and we began with a dinner celebration for the students and their commitment to significant life change.

Hanging out with the students @ The Growler Station gave me a fresh taste of how unique the students are and how far some of them have traveled to be here. In addition, many of them have left families (a few have left a wife and 4 kiddos!) to make this happen.

I couldn’t be more stoked.

The Growler Station

Students are ready!
The Team (so far… we’re growing like crazy!)

Above are a few images of the experience as well as our CMO, Eric, introducing our “Take That To the Bank” guarantee about the experience:

Our goal this week for the Atlanta Team is to experience the class first-hand as well as begin to codify our own experience that we’ll be bringing to Atlanta. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us but we’re ready to get crackin’!