How to get the most out of a bootcamp – Catching up with Jessica

Jessica Dembe is a graduate of our DC campus. We heard from Jessica on International Women’s Day about her journey learning to program. In this interview with Code with Veni, Jessica gives advice on how to get the most out of immersive coding classes. 

Tell us about yourself

I work as an Associate Technical Consultant at Blackstone Technology Group (@BTGFed). I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Health from the University of Maryland, College Park and I recently graduated from the Front-End Engineering program at The Iron Yard.

My tech related projects include my iFeel app and trying to keep up to speed with JavaScript. In my free time, I like to cook, try peanut-free restaurants and recipes, and figuring out ways to stay active without being bored.

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Healthcare to software: Jennifer’s story

Last summer, Jennifer told us how she came to The Iron Yard and what it is like to make a career transition. We followed up with Jennifer to get a bit more of her story and to see what life has been like after graduation.

Jennifer Graves started down a traditional, four-year college degree route but soon life took her in a different direction.

“I started working and ended up liking the jobs that I was doing for the most part, and decided to just hold back on college for a little while and focus on the career that I was building at that time,” she said.

Jennifer worked as an administrative assistant at a doctor’s office and later moved into customer service with a national healthcare company. She was soon promoted to a management position, but that transition made her consider what she really wanted to do. Read More

Week in News

In case you missed it, below are this week’s top headlines from The Iron Yard:

Aaron in Beta: My Coding Bootcamp Experience

During his Front-End Engineering course at The Iron Yard in Durham, Aaron Newcomer tracked his experience, successes and failures on his blog, Aaroninbeta. Now, more than six months after graduation and working full-time as a front-end developer, Aaron continues to document his progress in the industry and share his hard-won advice with others who are just beginning their journey learning to code.

In Aaron’s latest video on his YouTube channel, Aaron in Beta, he discusses some of the pros and cons he experienced learning to code in a code bootcamp setting. Check out “My Coding Bootcamp Experience” below and tune in to Aaron’s new videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

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The Week in News

In case you missed it, below are a few of this week’s top headlines from The Iron Yard:

  • InfoWorld – Back to the future: Apprenticeship in the modern era: Apprenticeships have served both employers and job seekers well for thousands of years. Why have we moved away from this model, and why should employers take back ownership of their staff’s education? The Iron Yard’s executive director Jessica Mitsch shares her insights in this new article.
  • DC – Get an Urban Alliance intern and give back to the DC community: In 2015, Urban Alliance won an Investing in Innovation grant from the Department of Education — a grant that will be used to fund students to work at a partner company in a STEM field. Local companies already working with Urban Alliance include #dctech staples like Phone2Action and EverFi. Cole told that The Iron Yard just signed on, too.
  • icitizen – icitizen and The Iron Yard team up to host Hour of Code event for Nashville students: The Iron Yard and icitizen, an innovative polling tech company based in Nashville, announced the two organizations will collaborate in hosting a free Hour of Code event on Tues., Dec. 6 from 5-6 p.m as part of Computer Science Education Week.

New Java course coming to Washington, D.C.

Not just our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. also holds the title of best city for women in tech, makes the top 10 list for cities with the highest paying jobs in tech and is the fourth most desirable city for startups.

With all this momentum and interest in D.C.’s tech community, we are excited to announce a new Back-End Engineering software development course on our Washington, D.C. campus that will begin on November 14! The course, Back-End Engineering with Java, will be offered in an immersive, 12-week format, designed to prepare students to become junior-level developers after graduation.

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From The Iron Yard to the White House: An #IronGrad presents Opportunity Project app

Last week, we shared the news that our very own #IronGrad Patrick Cooke had the honor of attending the Opportunity Project event at The White House.

Since its inception earlier this year, the Opportunity Project has yielded dozens of new digital tools that help meet community needs like finding affordable housing near jobs and transportation, advocating for broader access to opportunity in neighborhoods, and making data-driven investments to increase economic mobility. Many of The Iron Yard’s students have done just that and used the data to create civic-minded apps that benefit the communities where they live.

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The Week in News

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at The Iron Yard. Across the country, we’re gearing up for fall cohorts and we recently launched the Tech Opportunity Fund, a partnership of organizations committed to providing $100 million in diversity scholarships to deserving students who want to enter the tech industry.

In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from The Iron Yard this week:

  • Post and CourierThe Iron Yard is kicking in $40 million worth of free classes to a new technology scholarship fund, winning a shoutout from Vice President Joe Biden.
  • The StreetCourse Report’s annual survey finds that the bull market for coding boot camps continues apace.

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Thriving during The Iron Yard: Advice from an IronGrad

Chris Meyers is a recent graduate of our Mobile Engineering course in Salt Lake City. He documented his journey throughout his cohort on his blog and he’s in the midst of interviewing for his first job in technology. 

We loved his advice for potential students on things to do to prepare for and thrive in a code bootcamp (and, specifically, at The Iron Yard). Read Chris’s blog post below:

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Go west: Rachel’s story

An internship at a Charleston, S.C. marketing firm was the first step in Rachel Almeida ending up at The Iron Yard, but her path from an intern maintaining WordPress site for a marketing agency to Web Developer at MomentFeed had an unusual catalyst.

“It was actually my boss at the marketing firm who told me about The Iron Yard,” said Rachel. After working on WordPress during the internship, Rachel started investigating code schools, and made up her mind to attend a code school in New York. “My boss came up to me and said ‘I know you want to leave, but you don’t have to go all the way to New York. There’s a coding school here.’”

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