Thinking for the future

At The Iron Yard we think constantly about education. We read, analyze and discuss to make sure that we’re critically considering what we do and challenge ourselves to become better educators every day. Most of our discussion happens through internal communication tools, but in the spirit of being open-sourced, we’re going to begin publishing thoughts from our conversations.

The New York Times featured an op-ed titled Thinking for the Future, which discussed a future in which an increasing number of jobs are handled by machines. There’s a significant amount of debate around technology eating jobs, but one statement in the article caught our attention:

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Mentorship and women in technology

Public Radio International (PRI) shared a story earlier this week on The World around the dearth of women in technology. The story followed Neha Narula, who is part of the PDOS group at MIT CSAIL. Basically, she’s a Ph.D. who focuses on building systems, understanding how they perform and making them faster. Even with her level of expertise, Neha shares how she still feels alone as one of very few women in this male-dominated field.

There have been points in time when I thought I don’t want to do this anymore. This is hard. This is not enjoyable. I don’t like the interactions that I’m having. I don’t want to be in this environment anymore. But, I’m glad I stuck with it, just to be an example; to show that you can do it. It’s possible. It’s doable. And if you really like this stuff, you should do it. You shouldn’t give up.

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The Most Popular Coding, Programming Languages to Learn in 2015

For starters, there isn’t a “best” language for anyone new to learn that will necessarily guarantee a better job or help them more strongly establish a technology career as a software professional; anyone who tells you any different doesn’t know what’s really going on out there!

But, there are a few trends that can be spotted based on a number of sources that can provide helpful guidance for those that are seriously interested in taking their first step (of many) into the software and development world.

These trends can provide strategic and tactical guidance for those that want to maximize their time (and investment) at any intensive bootcamp experience.

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Learn Programming as a Collaborative Adventure

Lifehacker has a few great ideas of how to approach code if you’d like to take it as a solo-adventure. I particularly like the can-do and humble attitude and perspective.

Even as a seasoned technology professional and software developer I always start at the ground floor – there’s no room for pride or ego in our industry nor does it actually help you move the proverbial ball down the court any faster.

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Learn faster with these 6 techniques

By Matt Keas, Houston Instructor.

While everyone learns slightly differently, we do have similarities in the way our brains take in new information, and knowing how this works can help us choose the most efficient strategies for learning new things.

Why spend 6 months learning something new, instead of 3?

Knowing how we learn and what we naturally retain can help us, as students in the Game of Life™, learn more, master more, and keep momentum towards our goals in our struggle for simpler lives in the cacophany of notifications and emails.

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