Skilling up: How to approach your employer about professional development opportunities

You have a great job and love the company you’re with, but you’ve always been interested in software development. You want to find a way to learn to code and grow your technical skills, but do so without leaving your current company. Sound like you? This is a familiar scenario and one we have heard from tons of people over the years. That’s one of the reasons why we recently started offering part-time courses and in Texas, a 24-week part-time immersive program.

One trend we are starting to see among people who are interested in part-time courses is that they are working with their employer to fund and/or support them in a coding course. Asking for professional development opportunities at work can be nerve–racking, but in the tech industry, where trends and technologies change rapidly, it’s important to keep your skills up-to-date in order to progress in your career. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to take your career into your own hands and simply ask for the professional development opportunities you think will benefit both you and your company.

Below are five steps you can take to make the case for professional development opportunities to your employer:

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New 24-week course coming to Houston in 2017

Increasing access to tech education is at the core of what we do. It’s why we offer scholarships, crash courses and work to help each individual achieve their career and education objectives. And it’s our goal to help clear the path so that everyone who has the passion and desire to learn to code has the opportunity to learn to code.

It is that philosophy that led us to launch a new 24-week course offering on our Houston campus. This course format is designed for students who want to learn programming and launch a career in technology, but are unable to quit their jobs to attend an immersive course.

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Three reasons why learning Ruby on Rails can help you pursue a tech career in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is a beautiful place to prepare for a tech career. With an average winter temperature of 70 degrees and a median home price of just $163,000, it’s easy to see why companies like Publix, Jabil and TechData have made the Tampa area home for their headquarters and why one in every 94 U.S. tech workers lives in Tampa Bay. Add to that a new, direct connecting flight to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and Tampa Bay may just be the next big player in the rapidly growing tech scene. Read More