Mentoring & Learning How to Learn

I have a great group of people around me, constantly pushing me to achieve things I didn’t think possible and then pushing me a little bit further.  I am worried about getting a job and how my work will hold up in a professional environment, but I have to remind myself that this was how I felt before college.  It is intimidating and overwhelming at times, but I will get through it and there is only good things to come.

Charleston front end student Robert Hitt  hits the nail on the head: our intensive 3-month classes are designed to mentor each of our students into junior level software engineers. Programming is a lifelong study, so we place an emphasis on learning how to learn.

“My first week at The Iron Yard was a whirlwind…”

There were many tiresome moments, a few stressful ones, and more times than I can count that I couldn’t get certain codes to work, but I never once stopped and thought that I couldn’t do it. Persistence and passion kept me going this week. So I look forward to stumbling more in this coming week, because I know that I am learning, growing and climbing higher than I have before.

Read the full post from Lance Putnam, a front-end engineering student in Greenville, here.