“You’re never too old to learn” – Joni’s Iron Journey

In our Iron Journeys video series, we’ve introduced you to a number of students who are in the midst of learning web development in an immersive course at The Iron Yard. Today we’re sitting down with Joni, one of our students in Salt Lake City, who is in week five of her course.

Joni had done a bit of programming during the course of her career, but she had never done web development professionally. She started learning JavaScript and HTML on her own, and eventually realized that if she wanted to learn to code, she needed help. “It just got to the point where there’s no substitute for in-class learning with people who are going through the same thing you are,” she said.

Check out the rest of our conversation with Joni for more on what her experience has been like so far, and why she thinks you’re never too old to learn. (full transcript follows video)

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Staff Spotlight: Shawn Spainhour, Regional Director of Operations

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Kristina Schatz, one of our regional directors of operations. Today, we’d like you to meet Shawn Spainhour.

Shawn, who is based in Salt Lake City, leads The Iron Yard’s region that includes our campuses in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Austin. He is a veteran, tech junky and passionate educator, who previously worked at a private academy servicing 2,600 students and their families.

We are lucky to have Shawn on our team and leading the Western region. Below is more about his background, goals for the RDO role and a few interesting facts. Meet Shawn, in his own words:

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Peter Barth CEO of The Iron Yard on Coding Schools Coming to Downtown →

Multiple technology coding schools have recently made downtown Salt Lake their home. Today on the show, Jason speaks with Peter Barth, CEO of The Iron Yard, an immersive code-education program with campuses around the country – including a new presence in Salt Lake City’s Clift Building. What do these schools do, and why are they relocating to our urban core?

Listen to the full segment on KCPW.org.

Tech Opportunity Fund Aims To Provide $100M In Coding School Diversity Scholarships →

Last month The Iron Yard announced that it has partnered with Code Fellows and Operation HOPE to create the Tech Opportunity Fund. The fund aims to provide $100 million worth of code school diversity scholarships over the next five years.

“The tech industry needs to be more diverse,” says Jessica MItsch, Executive Director of the Iron Yard’s code school. “It is important that all are represented when creating technology.” “All” includes those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford code school tuition, and those who are diverse in terms of gender and race.

Read the full article on Beehive Startups’ blog.

Can code school help you get your start in Salt Lake City’s tech industry?

The race to become the next Silicon Valley is in full force. Thanks to a massive tech boom, Salt Lake City is a top contender. Salt Lake City has attracted tech elite like Adobe, Electronic Arts and Twitter, earned the Forbes title of being a top five city for tech jobs and can even boast that the city is home to tech unicorns – companies valued at over a billion dollars. With these big businesses and many more startups opening their doors in the Beehive State, competition for well-trained employees is in full force (and sending salaries soaring). Attending code school is a great way to learn an in-demand skill and get started in Salt Lake City’s booming tech industry. Read More

Thriving during The Iron Yard: Advice from an IronGrad

Chris Meyers is a recent graduate of our Mobile Engineering course in Salt Lake City. He documented his journey throughout his cohort on his blog and he’s in the midst of interviewing for his first job in technology. 

We loved his advice for potential students on things to do to prepare for and thrive in a code bootcamp (and, specifically, at The Iron Yard). Read Chris’s blog post below:

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#10four100 job expo brings remote tech jobs, training to the Basin →

Tech industry leaders, education companies and local governments aim to discover the Uintah Basin’s potential as a source of tech workers at the #10four100 job expo at Utah State University Uintah Basin.

Employers will be conducting on-site interviews and The Iron Yard, a company offering tech training, will be holding a free “crash course” in front-end Java script, said Dean Lundberg, the president of Accelerant.

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Learn to code in Salt Lake City with a $3,000 scholarship

Software developers are in demand in nearly every city across the U.S. That demand is very real in Utah, where a survey just revealed that 95% of companies are looking for software developers right now. The Utah Technology Council’s 2015 Annual Engineering Workforce Data Survey (4th Quarter) also found that seventy percent of those companies are going out of state to recruit tech talent. That’s why we opened our Salt Lake City campus late last year, and why we’re excited to make a pretty cool announcement today that will help more people in Utah become software developers.  Read More

The Iron Yard and Utah Technology Council Partner for Code School Scholarships →

  • The Iron Yard and Utah Technology Council will provide $3,000 tuition discount scholarships for students who enroll in a course at the code school’s Salt Lake City campus before Nov. 1, 2016
  • Utah Technology Council’s Annual Engineering Workforce Data Survey shows 95 percent of local companies need to hire software developers

SALT LAKE CITY – (May 5, 2016) – The Iron Yard, one of the world’s largest and fastest- growing code schools, and the Utah Technology Council today announced a partnership to provide $3,000 scholarships to all students who enroll in one of the 12-week immersive courses at the code school’s Salt Lake City campus before Nov. 1. The partnership aims to encourage more people to pursue careers as software developers and strengthen the talent pool for Utah’s more than 5,000 technology companies.

The strong demand for developer talent in Salt Lake City is highlighted in the results of the Utah Technology Council’s 2015 Annual Engineering Workforce Data Survey (4th Quarter), which found that 95 percent of companies surveyed are looking to hire software developers. Furthermore, 75 percent of companies say that they have a hard time finding qualified candidates, with 70 percent looking out of state to recruit tech talent. The full results of the survey will be released this month.  

“To keep Utah’s tech ecosystem healthy and vibrant we need to double-down on our efforts to increase the pipeline of tech talent in the state. Our partnership with The Iron Yard fits well with our top priority – to promote the development of qualified talent to meet the current and future workforce demands in the state,” said Richard R. Nelson, President and CEO of the Utah Technology Council.

The Utah Technology Council scholarship will be available to every student who enrolls in one of The Iron Yard’s 12-week immersive courses on the Salt Lake City campus before Nov. 1. Students will be awarded $3,000 toward the cost of tuition. In the future, The Iron Yard and Utah Technology Council will explore additional opportunities for ongoing collaboration including working together to host events, lectures and networking opportunities. For more information, anyone interested in the Utah Technology Council scholarship and enrolling in an upcoming course at The Iron Yard, can visit https://www.theironyard.com/locations/slc.html.

“The Iron Yard’s immersive courses are designed to train students with the specific skills Salt Lake City employers are looking to hire for at an accelerated pace,” said Garrett Clark, Salt Lake City Campus Director for The Iron Yard. “Employers have a huge need for local tech talent and we are thrilled to be working with the Utah Technology Council to help students start their journey toward a rewarding, lifelong career in tech.”

The Iron Yard’s Salt Lake City campus opened in 2015 and is currently offering courses in Front-End Engineering, Back-End Engineering and Mobile Engineering. Prospective students can apply for upcoming courses at this link. For additional information on The Iron Yard’s Salt Lake City campus and upcoming events, please visit the local Meetup page.

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