Tough Act To Follow…

By David Rogers, Orlando Front End Engineering Instructor

First off, lemme say, if you haven’t read Let Harrison Ford Be Your Spirit Animal by my fellow instructor, Brian Gates (get a webpage, bro), you should. It’s far better than this post is gonna be. Y’know, unless you’re into learning experiences.

“Start with JavaScript,” he said, “Teach programming,” he said…

I’ll be the first to admit that I did this to myself… And the dozen or so students who took my class this time around. Our Founding Father, Mason Stewart, typically teaches Front End Engineering (FEE, sounds like “whee!”) by starting with HTML and CSS and quickly weaving in JavaScript through DOM traversal and manipulation, some Constructor Madness(!!), working his way up to Backbone and the whole client-side MVC pattern. Being my first cohort at TIY, naturally I chose a completely different path. What can I say? I like to start on Expert… Read More

Let Harrison Ford be Your Spirit Animal

By Brian Gates, Front End Engineering TA

David Rogers, the front end engineering instructor here in Orlando, likes to tell his students not to be “Han Solo” – meaning, don’t try to get through the whole program working on your own. While I appreciate the message, I can’t approve of the phrasing. I don’t mind the terrible pun, that’s Lucas’ fault anyway, but I do think it’s unfair to Han Solo, who did end up coming back to save the day at the end of Star Wars. (um, spoiler alert.)
Still, Harrison Ford’s iconic movie roles have plenty of lessons for success in The IronYard (and life, really, but I’ll focus on TIY).

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Matt Wallaert, Behavioral Scientist @ Bing, Will be Here Tomorrow!

By Susanna Miller, Campus Director

At 6pm tomorrow, The Iron Yard Orlando will be hosting Matt Wallaert, Behavioral Scientist @ Bing, as he speaks at an Orlando Tech Meetup in our space here at 101 S. Garland Ave. This is a great opportunity to meet him and ask questions, and I hope you’ll join us! 

You can find more information on our Meetup page:

See you then!


Welcome to Week 2 – Orlando

We are officially in Week 2 at The Iron Yard! Very quickly, our students have demonstrated how much they can absorb and create in such a short time. So far they’ve been heavily exposed to Git and Github, Jekyll, and Cloud 9, and over the weekend built their blogs on Github Pages. As a campus they’ve also been using tools like Basecamp and HipChat, as well as practicing agile methodologies to communicate progress on their projects.

On Friday, we kicked off our guest lecture series with Olivier Lacan from Code School, who showed our students how Code School uses Github internally and demonstrated a couple neat tools that he uses to improve his workflow. Read More

It’s Go Time!

Here we are…

The Iron Yard – Orlando’s inaugural class officially launched this morning! After a great dinner last night, breaking in the space with our friends and families, our class is in full Iron Yard mode. We have 14 awesome students that represent a diversity of age, backgrounds, and personalities. For those of you keeping up with our blog, we’ll post more about our individual students throughout the course of the class, and also highlight some of the blogging they’ll be doing to document their experience (the good, the bad, the ugly, and the “Ah ha!” moments) here at The Iron Yard.   Read More