How to Keep Your Skills Sharp and Your Career Vibrant →

Independent organizations and companies have made it easier to access learning resources, removing barriers such as expensive tuition, remote locations and rigid schedules for those seeking to gain new skills. These efforts help people, regardless of academic background, socioeconomic status or geographic location, reach the next step in their technology careers.

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The most comprehensive guide to Austin coding programs and schools ever crafted →

The Austin tech scene is a thriving and lush landscape of edutech, biotech, tech-tech, breakfast tacos, South By, and professionals from all walks of life that are ready to enter the scene and lend their ideas and skills to the vastly growing hub.

With so many schools that offer coding, design, and data science programs, it is difficult to find out which options are the best for you (and your wallet, and your family, and your cat that needs pets at precisely 10:15 pm every night).

Read American Genius’ full list, including The Iron Yard, here.

TCube’s $1.7M Investment Could Be a “Big Whale” Moment for Midlands Insurance Tech. Here’s why. →

TCube Solutions has grown to over 100 employees in Columbia and 350 worldwide in the matter of only 3 years. Not surprisingly, the company’s announcement of expansion to the BullStreet First Base Building and $1.7 Million investment has drawn much attention in the past couple of days.

Read the full article, including a conversation with The Iron Yard’s Columbia campus director Heather Dughaish, in Midlands Anchor.

Tech Talent Tuesdays Foster ‘Soft Skills’ in IT Talent →

People aspiring to launch their career in the information technology (IT) sector generally focus on maximizing their technical skills and obtaining certifications. While these are crucial, IT newcomers are often unaware of the importance of “soft skills” – the ones that will help get them hired in their first IT job – so learning them from seasoned mentors in the San Antonio tech ecosystem would provide a valuable resource.

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Minnesota Morning | The Iron Yard, MyAlerts Funding And MN Tech Podcast →

A couple of days ago The Iron Yard had an event for students, alumni and the advisory board… we had a trivia contest. We had teams, 6 rounds of questions and some minor trash talk. My team was leading after 3 rounds but the 4th round we fell apart and finished 3rd overall. It was a good way to get to know everyone better. We then had some time to interact with the students with lots of conversations around code, the Minnesota tech scene and their upcoming job search.

Read the full article on Paul DeBettignies’ Minnesota Headhunter blog.

Cincinnati students team up with Fountain Square to build New Year’s Eve app

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and communities across the country are planning their celebrations. In New York, there’s the Times Square ball drop, in San Francisco fireworks light up the sky and in Orlando, Disney World pulls out all the stops for family-friendly fun.

In Cincinnati, locals gather at Fountain Square for the annual New Year’s Eve Blast to dance the night away, grab some grub and participate in goofy games on the Fountain Square stage. This year, The Iron Yard’s Cincinnati campus is getting in on the fun, with students designing a special app for the event. Read More