Learning Software Programming Will Test (and Grow) Your Emotional Resilience

I can’t believe it’s already the end of week 5. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the most important quality for an “IronYarder“, instructor, and student alike is emotional resiliency.

An Iron Yard cohort is a serious endeavor: It entails 3 months of peak performance, without breaks. But no one is perfectly consistent (nor can we expect them to be). For the first 2 weeks every successful, engaged lecture was a high achievement, my proudest moment. Every muddled lecture that left my students exhausted felt like a tremendous burden and anything but a “high” achievement.

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3 Simple Reasons Why Our Students Made 2015 the Year of Code

We get to hear a ton of great stories every single day about success and struggle that our students experience and we’re there to help in every way that we can. It’s the reason we started and built the organization in the first place and why so many great people on staff have joined our company over the last year.

Naturally, we do our very best to understand the ever-changing needs that our students have as they walk through the hyper-intense 12-week program. And although many have come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences there are a few common threads that tie many of them together.

In essence, here are a few top-level reasons why our students opted to make this a significant year both personally and professionally as it relates to code education:

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