The teacher becomes the student: Isaiah turns to code school for new career

Isaiah Fasoldt has a penchant for problem solving. For five years, he aimed to solve problems in education by working with Teach for America in one of the poorest districts in the country. When he decided to shift his career, he turned to programming so he could take on a new kind of problem solving with new skills. He enrolled in the Back-End Engineering program at The Iron Yard’s Indianapolis campus (you may remember his blog post from last summer), and today he’s a software developer. Read on for his story. Read More

Planting roots, setting an example and growing a career he loves: Pete’s story

After serving in the United States Navy for 10 years as a nuclear electrician and traveling around the world, Silas Pete Tolliver decided it was time for he and his family to plant roots and become part of a community. He was tired of moving his family around the country and he wanted to give his wife an opportunity to have a career. More than anything, he wanted to see his kids more often.

So, in 2006, Pete and his family joined his mom in Indianapolis, and his stepfather helped him find a job in logistics and transportation. “I basically just got a job, because what I really wanted was for my wife to be able to have the career she deserved,” he said. “I have two daughters, and I wanted them to see their mother succeed and follow her dreams. I wanted her to get to her maximum ability so they would understand how to do the same thing – at least, that’s my theory.” Read More

How to land your first job in tech

Landing your first job can be tough. It takes hard work, persistence and patience. But rest assured, the time you spend perfecting your resume, talking to people at networking events and scouring the Internet for job postings, can – and will – pay off.

Last week, two of our amazing team members, Sam Kapila, Director of Instruction, and Emily Trimble, Campus Director in Indianapolis, shared their tips on how to land your first job in tech. Below are a few of their top pieces of advice: Read More

4 steps to landing your first job in tech →

Landing your first job can be hard. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, recently graduated from college or shifting into a new industry, that first job is usually the most difficult to find. The most important thing to keep in mind, though, is that it’s not impossible and with some hard work, it can (and will) happen.

Read tips and advice from The Iron Yard’s Indianapolis Campus Director Emily Trimble on TechPoint.

Hour of code: Inspiring the next generation of coders

At The Iron Yard, we believe that investing in the local tech economy for the long-run means impacting and inspiring the next generation of coders. Our instructors and alumni regularly volunteer their time to make sure kids in every community where we operate have a chance to be exposed to coding. Plus, our kids coding classes usually include fun topics like how to build games and feature popular characters from movies and TV shows.

Each year, organizes Hour of Code – a  global movement that introduces students around the globe to coding through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming. Teaching kids is in The Iron Yard’s DNA and we are proud participants in the Hour of Code.

Read More

Financing Now Available for Immersive Coding Courses at The Iron Yard in Indianapolis →

INDIANAPOLIS — (Nov. 30, 2016) — The Iron Yard, the country’s largest immersive code school, today announced that Indiana residents are now eligible to finance their code school education through financing partner, Climb Credit. With this announcement, students enrolling in immersive courses at The Iron Yard’s Indianapolis campus can finance the full cost of tuition for the course and apply to receive an additional cost-of living loan, making it easier for residents of the Hoosier State to pursue a career in software development.

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Financing now available in Indiana

Launching a completely new career is no easy task, especially when you have bills to pay, debt to deal with, family responsibilities and other stresses of life. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to prepare for a new career through our immersive courses. For some students, that transition is made easier with the help of financing. You can read about our current financing options here.

Due to regulation requirements, Indiana residents have been unable to secure financing to attend our courses in the past. Today, we’re thrilled to share that Indiana residents are now eligible for financing through one of our financing partners, Climb Credit. Read More

Helping solve Indy’s transit problems by learning to code: Marie’s story

Forty-something couple Marie and Troy Denney have traveled the world. When in Rome (or whichever city they happen to find themselves in), they tend to choose public transportation rather than drive a personal vehicle. “You get to see parts of town that you wouldn’t necessarily see otherwise,” Marie said. “It’s very cost-effective, and in many cases, in places like San Francisco, I don’t really want to drive anyway. It’s hard to drive out there.”

Every time they returned home, Marie wondered why her hometown of Indianapolis was so lacking in public transportation. When she couldn’t find a solution, Marie created an app. But first, she had to learn to code. Read More

3 easy ways to start learning to code in Indy – Techpoint

Emily Trimble, our Campus Director in Indianapolis, recently penned an article for Techpoint with her tips for three easy ways to start learning code. For those who are just beginning the journey into the world of programming, her ideas about how to take advantage of free local resources like Girl Develop It, Indy’s Free Code Camp and our free Crash Courses are spot-on.

As someone who’s helped people just starting their path toward becoming a coder and those furthering their existing coding careers, I’ve had a lot of conversations about what works.

Almost everyone I’ve talked to has said that the ability to learn in person is what really made the difference in helping them truly understand how to get started in a new career in technology. – Emily Trimble

Click here to check out the entire article. Then let us know – what are your favorite free, easy resources for newbies to dip their toes into the world of coding?