Is it possible to love your day job? This graduate says yes.

Jasper Furniss spent the first decade of his career in ministry as a worship leader. Though he’d already received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in ministry-related fields, Jasper knew he wasn’t finished learning. When a friend mentioned The Iron Yard, he was intrigued. Though he’d dabbled in code before, he had never had any formal training. “I love to learn,” he said. “I feel like the opportunity to learn something so complex as programming so quickly and develop a passion for it is what really interested me and brought me here.” Read More

Sara Kennedy Offers Valuable Insights to Women in Tech →

As an individual not in the trenches of the tech world, but still highly dependent on capable IT professionals for the Midlands Anchor’s success, I discovered a deepened respect for this important industry following Sara’s story. Sara Kennedy is an IT professional from Unum/Colonial Life and Chair of Columbia’s 100 Girls of Code Chapter. She was also a presenter at the first Midlands-based Women in Tech networking seminar on August 30th.

Read more about the event, hosted by SOCO and The Iron Yard, as well as Sara’s experience at The Iron Yard, in Midlands Anchor.

The Iron Yard launches $45M fund to boost diversity in tech industry →

Greenville-based coding school The Iron Yard announced Friday that it has partnered with Code Fellows and Operation HOPE to launch the Tech Opportunity Fund – an attempt to boost diversity in the technology industry, which employs a low number of African-American and Hispanic workers and suffers from a wide gender gap.

Read the full coverage of the Tech Opportunity Fund in the Upstate Business Journal.

From massage therapist to developer: Hannah’s story

At 26, Hannah decided she was ready to start using her brain over her brawn – in part because she was already developing arthritis and carpal tunnel after six years working as a Massage Therapist. Her desire to find a career that could lead to more opportunity, and to have a job that was challenging her on a daily basis drove her to look into code schools and attend The Iron Yard. “I just was tired of going home and being in pain everyday and not being happy with what I was doing. I did some research on careers that weren’t going anywhere, and coding was number one.”

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