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Enrollment stretch here in the DC/Arlington campus. (Spots still open for our January 26 launch, so check out our courses and APPLY!) Why The Iron Yard you may ask? Here are a few of the most-asked questions from the calls/emails I’ve received the last couple of weeks. 

What courses are offered in the DC/Arlington campus?

  • Front-end Engineering
    Get a solid foundation in Front End Engineering using HTML, CSS, a whole lot of JavaScript and some basic server-side tech. At the end of the class you’ll have the skills to create beautiful, fully functional websites and web applications.
  • Ruby on Rails Engineering 
    Learn the power of Ruby on Rails, one of the most popular server-side frameworks in the world. At the end of class you’ll know how to build fast, production-quality full-stack apps.
  • Mobile Engineering 
    You’ll get the ins-and-outs of iOS app development using Xcode, Objective-C and Apple’s new programming language, Swift. At the end of the class you’ll have the skills to create beautiful, fully functional iOS apps and the foundation to pursue building Mac apps as well.

Full-time is a little intense, isn’t it? 

Yes, but so is making a career shift or retraining the way you think. What you as a student are doing in the 12 weeks is learning for the best programmers in the industry, establishing a solid foundation of knowledge and habits in being a software engineer, retraining your brain to learn how to learn and problem-solve, building a network of peers and mentors within The Iron Yard family and local tech community, and much more. Attempting all this part-time would be a disservice. 

What sets The Iron Yard apart from online courses or similar training?

Giovanni, our Campus Director in Columbia, wrote a great response. As he recaps: 1) highly experienced teachers; 2) a focus on teamwork and production skills (i.e. real-world issues); and 3) adept career placement. Our awesome staff, passionate about people and code education, also have tons of fun doing it!

I don’t have big dreams of the next great startup or a cool app. Am I going to fit in?

Another version of this question is ‘am I techie enough?’ to take the class. There will be many things you all have in common: hard working, self-motivated, problem-solvers. The rest is icing on the cake: one of the greatest benefit to your learning is the diversity that your peers bring in terms of their background. We’re not looking for cookie-cutter students. But don’t be surprised when the joy of coding gets your creative juices flowing and you might graduate with an idea you’d like to develop. 

Why is community important in a code bootcamp?

We at The Iron Yard are about writing great code.  And writing great code is just easier when you’re in a great community. A community that is more than a bunch of people crammed into a space but one forged through shared passion and vision: an environment where individuals are accepted as they are while challenged daily to reach further. We value the goals that has led you to The Iron Yard; and the truth is, you can’t get there alone. 

Here We Go!


Hello, My name is Su Kim, and I’m the Campus Director at our new DC/Arlington campus. I’m coming to The Iron Yard after years of policy advocacy in human rights and immigration reform. My passions are people and removing barriers that stand in the way of people being the best they are. I’m excited to see how we at The Iron Yard can showcase the best of technology through passionate, driven, creative, and well-equipped individuals that go on to tackle the world’s problems or to realize an amazing idea. 

A little introduction to our space & neighbors:

The Iron Yard is so thrilled to be among brilliant and creative minds on the 10th floor of 2231 Crystal Drive. The space where The Iron Yard will occupy is still being built out, so I’ve being hanging out on the other side. Here is a bit of the awesomeness of every day at Disruption Corporation HQ. 




The 10th floor has an incredible view of the Ronald Reagan National Airport and is a short walking distance from Crystal City Metro Station and bus stops. 


And of course, great coffee is a must! 


The space is a great reminder that we are a part of something bigger, and I’m excited to see The Iron Yard and our students play a role in making DC and Crystal City an increasingly tech-friendly and tech-inspiring neighborhood. 

Stay tuned for more news as we get closer to launch of our inaugural cohort. And reminder, you can still apply for our January classes! We’re offering 3 courses in Mobile, Rails, and Front End Engineering.