Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Lifeblue

Building a local Advisory Board is critical to the success of each of our campuses, and we are lucky to work with some pretty amazing companies across the country. Advisory Board members play an instrumental role in our students’ experience, and help us keep our fingers on the pulse of local hiring needs and employer priorities.

In Dallas, we are proud to call Lifeblue, a digital agency that specializes in high-end web development, an Advisory Board member. Not only do we value their insight into the industry, they are actively involved with our students giving guest lectures and have even hired two amazing #IronGrads as junior developers!

We recently caught up with Lifeblue’s co-founder Russel Dubree to learn more about the company’s vision, their experience hiring junior-level developers and the emphasis they place on lifelong learning. Below is more from our conversation:

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Hello, Work : Jennifer’s story

Jennifer is currently a student in the Back-End Engineering course on our Dallas campus. Like many others, she jumped straight into the working world after high school, deciding to wait on going to college or pursuing further education until she knew exactly what career she wanted.

Jennifer recently shared a blog post about her past professional experience and what motivated her decision to attend The Iron Yard. We are so inspired by her drive to find joy in her career, and having the courage to look for new opportunities when her current position no longer felt right.  Changing careers is a big decision, and it’s clear that for Jennifer, attending The Iron Yard is a great fit for her aspirations as well as with her learning style. 

Read more of Jennifer’s story, in her own words: 

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Changing Careers, Building Connections, and Taking Risks as a Recipe for Success →

We all have probably had moments in our careers that we wish we could quit our jobs, start over, and follow our passion into our dream career.  This may not be as far-fetched as it seems, as Mike Matthew experienced.  The former educator and band director from Dallas relocated himself to Austin in order to attend coding bootcamp at The Iron Yard.

Read more about Mike’s amazing story on LaunchDFW.

Three months on the job: A real-world review from a junior developer

Last month, we introduced you to Mike – one of our IronGrads who went from teaching music in a high school to building a new career as a software engineer with Call-Em-All in Frisco, TX. After three months on the job, Mike wrote up a “State of the Job” post to make sense of (and share about) his experience in the “real world” of technology. We love his perspective on imposter syndrome, his thoughts on becoming more comfortable as a developer, what it’s like to organize a successful Meetup, and work-life balance. Read on for more! Read More

Music teacher turned software engineer: Mike Mathew’s story

In music performance as in coding, Michael Mathew believes you need to be “bulletproof.”

Mathew, a musician and teacher who now works as a software engineer at Call-Em-All, an automated group messaging startup in Texas, explains that the similarity begins during the practice phase.

One of his goals as a teacher was to get students to know more than just how to play a piece without hitting a single wrong note. Using scales and other exercises to practice, they learned how the mathematics of the composition provides a larger framework. As the music becomes more familiar, students can see patterns begin to emerge. Read More

Team member spotlight: Meet Eric Sowell, Dallas instructor

It’s been a pretty busy year for us so far in 2016. Today we want to introduce you to one of our new instructors, Eric Sowell. He’s going to be teaching our first Dallas Front-End Engineering course, and he recently wrote an awesome blog post about his journey to The Iron Yard. From seminary to authoring a book on mobile web development to working with, Eric’s story is a great read for people interested in a career change. 

Click here to read the post on Eric’s blog, or check it out below. Welcome to the team, Eric!  Read More

The Iron Yard Joins Growing Roster of North Texas Coding Schools

The Iron Yard has announced the opening of a new campus in Dallas. Starting in March, the Dallas campus will offer courses in Front-End Engineering and Back-End Engineering in an immersive, 12-week format designed to prepare students to enter the workforce as junior programmers after graduation.

Read the full story including insights from The Iron Yard’s CMO Eric Dodds and Dallas Campus Director Caitlin Studley at LaunchDFW.

We’re now bigger in Texas! Now enrolling for coding courses in Dallas and San Antonio.

According to recently released Census Bureau data, three of the top five fastest growing cities in the U.S. are in Texas, largely thanks to the Lone Star State’s booming tech industry. We’ve worked with tons of students through our Austin and Houston campus locations, and talk every day with Texas employers who tell us they need more tech talent. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re doubling our footprint in the Lone Star state with the launch of two new locations: Dallas and San Antonio.

Enrollment is open now for all Texans interested in learning to code. Here’s a quick snapshot of our Texas schedule:

  • Austin: Courses in Front-End Engineering, Back-End Engineering with Ruby on Rails and User Interface Design will begin Feb. 29.
  • Dallas: Courses in both Front-End Engineering and Back-End Engineering will begin March 21.
  • Houston: Courses are running now for both Front-End Engineering and Back-End Engineering; Mobile Engineering will begin March 28.
  • San Antonio: Courses in both Front-End Engineering and Back-End Engineering will begin March 21.

We’ll be hosting Open Houses, Crash Courses, Kids Classes and more at each of our Texas campus locations soon – Be sure you check for the latest events at your favorite Iron Yard location! In the meantime, we can’t thank our Texas friends and partners enough for the warm welcome so far, and we can’t wait to work with more Texas students soon.