Will the Bubble Burst? IT Training Companies Differentiate Themselves in a Competitive Market →

The coding bootcamp market has exploded in recent years, leading some industry leaders to wonder if we will soon see the “coding school bubble…burst.” How are IT training companies differentiating themselves to buyers and learners? Galvanize and The Iron Yard provide some insights.

Read the full article, including an interview with The Iron Yard’s Director of Corporate Training Mike Rudinsky, in Training Industry.

Your company is looking for tech talent. You can help.

If you think about it, nearly every company in the world today is a tech company. Media conglomerates, educational institutions and global retailers all rely on technology to do business every day. Think about your own job – how many times a day do you rely on technology to get things done at work?

These companies are also facing increasingly complex business problems – many of which could be solved using technology. But equipping employees with the right tech skills to solve those problems can be a huge challenge.  Read More