TCube’s $1.7M Investment Could Be a “Big Whale” Moment for Midlands Insurance Tech. Here’s why. →

TCube Solutions has grown to over 100 employees in Columbia and 350 worldwide in the matter of only 3 years. Not surprisingly, the company’s announcement of expansion to the BullStreet First Base Building and $1.7 Million investment has drawn much attention in the past couple of days.

Read the full article, including a conversation with The Iron Yard’s Columbia campus director Heather Dughaish, in Midlands Anchor.

Michelle Child: Two years after graduating from The Iron Yard

Michelle graduated from The Iron Yard nearly two years ago. When we last checked in with her, she had just accepted a job in Columbia, S.C. and was ready to start her career as a web designer. Michelle had previously taught English in a small town in France, so she was familiar with the immersive educational model and was excited to jump into a completely new career. Today, she’s a professional designer working for a software company.

We recently showed Michelle her video interview from 2014, and asked her to reflect on her journey since graduating.  Read More

Tech-driven creatives colonize BullStreet, laying groundwork for ‘a movement’ →

SOCO and The Iron Yard web development school officially move into their shared home at the newly renovated, historic Bakery at BullStreet building this week, a stone’s throw from BullStreet’s cornerstone minor league baseball park.

Sharing the century-old, onetime bakery building at the old state mental hospital campus, SOCO and The Iron Yard believe they’re in the perfect place to foster the out-of-the-box kind of thinking that drives start-up businesses like Ball’s RumbleLab and Griffin’s Krumware.

Read the full story in The State.

Sara Kennedy Offers Valuable Insights to Women in Tech →

As an individual not in the trenches of the tech world, but still highly dependent on capable IT professionals for the Midlands Anchor’s success, I discovered a deepened respect for this important industry following Sara’s story. Sara Kennedy is an IT professional from Unum/Colonial Life and Chair of Columbia’s 100 Girls of Code Chapter. She was also a presenter at the first Midlands-based Women in Tech networking seminar on August 30th.

Read more about the event, hosted by SOCO and The Iron Yard, as well as Sara’s experience at The Iron Yard, in Midlands Anchor.

Bringing the Tech and Entrepreneurship Community into the Future →

What’s the deal with collaborative spaces? What does it mean for Columbia to be a hub of innovation? How does our city hold up compared to others in terms of tech talent? How can we rewrite our narrative to view Columbia as a great place to live and run a business?

Listen to the full podcast including The Iron Yard’s Columbia campus director Heather Dughaish on SC ETV’s Carolina Money here.

Time to Write Our New Story →

Change is in the air. You can’t put your finger on it, but it’s palpable.  Yes, our city is “under construction” with more than $1 billion in development occurring in our downtown alone. But, a city isn’t defined by its buildings. It’s defined by its people, culture and aspirations.  For the first time, there’s a glimmer of hope that we’re becoming the place that we always talk about becoming: an exciting city, revitalized, re-inspired, a city looking forward.

Read the full article by The Iron Yard’s Columbia campus director, Heather Dughaish, in Midlands Anchor.