Stories from the field: Charlotte Iron Yard students

We recently shared with you some feedback we received from a group of #IronGrads in Atlanta. Today, we’ve got even more good stuff from current students in Charlotte. We sat down with these students a couple of weeks ago to chat about the journey each of them has gone through so far, and how they are feeling about graduating from The Iron Yard.  Once again, we loved having open, honest conversations with our students and we can’t wait to share some of their feedback with you.

Interested in hearing more? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to connect you with a graduate.

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The Iron Yard’s local campus director on what’s next for coding school →

The Iron Yard recently held its first Demo Day in Charlotte. Hosted at Packard Place, the event marks the end of the 12-week coding program. Ten students presented their final projects to an audience of local tech companies, engineers and supporters of Charlotte’s tech community.

Read the full article about The Iron Yard’s Charlotte campus demo day and what’s next for the coding school in the Queen City in the Charlotte Business Journal.

See the latest projects from top tech talent: It’s Demo Day at The Iron Yard →

Join The Iron Yard Charlotte students and staff for demo day on Friday, May 20. You’ll get to be there for the debut of some of the newest talented front end engineering developers in the community. Students will demonstrate the effectiveness of their final projects, speak to the technology they used, why they went with that tech, and how they overcame challenges in their paths.

Read the full announcement in the Charlotte Agenda and RSVP for Charlotte’s Demo Day here.

Team member spotlight: Meet Luke Segars, Charlotte instructor

When it comes to higher education, taking a non-traditional path or choosing a new format can still be a scary choice for many people. Specifically, our code bootcamp format can seem too good to be true – spend three months learning in an intense, immersive environment, and come out on the other side ready to interview for a job as a software developer?

As a long-time programmer and computer science purist, Luke Segars was still skeptical of code bootcamps when he started looking into entering the technology education space a few months ago. Today, he’s our Front-End Engineering instructor in Charlotte. Here’s his story. Read More

Economy And Immigration: What’s Dividing Republicans →

In 10 months, Americans will go to the polls to pick the next U.S. president. When they cast their ballots, those votes will likely hinge on how they feel about the issues most important to them. But what are those issues? As a way of finding out, NPR’s Rachel Martin centered her focus on one community going through a lot of change: Mecklenburg County, N.C. The Iron Yard’s Charlotte Campus Director Wes Lawson spoke to NPR about education issues.

To read the full story on NPR, click here.

Team member spotlight: Wes Lawson, Charlotte Campus Director

Last week, we shared with you that we are officially opening enrollment for our full-time, immersive courses in Charlotte, N.C. Today, we want to introduce you to our Charlotte Campus Director Wes Lawson. Wes came to us with over a decade of experience in the education field, and we’re thrilled to have him representing us in the Queen City. We recently sat down with him to find out more about his passions, his experience and what makes him excited for the future. Read More