A Parent’s Perspective with Carolyn Wilson

“Mom, how would you feel if I went back to school?”

A simple enough question on its face, that’s exactly what Kate Wilson asked her mom Carolyn when she was considering enrolling in Charleston’s October 15th Front-End Engineering Course. Carolyn remembers the rest of the conversation quite clearly as well. She remembers Kate saying “It would be all day, from 9 to 5. It’d be full-time, every day, Monday through Friday.”
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The Iron Yard code school to offer iOS development classes in Charleston →

The Iron Yard figures that Charleston has a shortage of mobile developers, so the code school is looking to fill the gap.

The Greenville-based school is adding a mobile engineering class this summer to its downtown Charleston campus. The 12-week course, which starts July 11, will teach students how to build apps for Apple’s iOS operating system.

Read the full article in The Post and Courier here.

From U.N. intern in Nepal to Java Engineer at Fidelity: Nathan’s story

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in development economics and a master’s degree in political economy of late development, Canada-born Nathan Martin landed an internship with the Canadian branch of the United Nations in Kathmandu, Nepal. He spent most of his time researching and writing for the U.N., which led him to become a full-time writer after the internship was over. He wrote business blog posts and magazine articles for a variety of clients, which allowed him the freedom to continue traveling while he worked. Read More

Helping kids learn programming for Hour of Code

One of the most rewarding parts of what we do at The Iron Yard is hosting kids coding classes. Our instructors volunteer their time on a regular basis to make sure kids in every community where we operate have a chance to be exposed to what it’s like to code. Plus, our kids coding classes usually feature fun topics like how to build games or recreate popular characters characters.

Teaching kids is something we’ve done since we launched, and it’s remained a big part of our DNA. Our CEO Peter Barth put it this way:

We believe in investing in the local tech economy for the long run, and that means impacting the next generation. Hosting these events is a great way to help kids take their first step down a path that could unlock a passion for technology.

We’re so passionate about exposing kids to technology and coding that we are hosting free kids coding events at every one of our locations during the week of Dec. 7-13 for the global “Hour of Code” effort created by Code.org. The goal of the effort is to introduce students to computer science – even one hour of learning to code might be the start of something great! Last year, every Apple Store in the world hosted an Hour of Code and even President Obama wrote his first line of code as part of the campaign. Pretty cool. Read More

From finance to software engineering: Ryan’s story

When Ryan Huber moved with his new wife to Charleston, S.C. from Charlotte, N.C. last year, he thought transitioning from a job he loved as a financial representative in a small credit union to a different job in a large bank wouldn’t be a big deal. It didn’t take long for him to realize that banking wasn’t for him, and he started searching for a new direction. Today, Ryan and his wife live in Greenville, S.C. and he is happily employed as an Interaction Engineer.

We recently sat down for a chat with Ryan to find out how and why he decided to make the leap into software engineering. Here’s his story.  Read More

The Iron Yard preps adults for coding jobs →

“Life is too short to have the wrong career,” Sally Kingston said.

So she’s learning to code.

For more than a year, Kingston watched students learn web development and coding before making her own leap to change careers.

Charleston’s tech economy is growing 26 percent faster than the national average. One company is launching their fall training to help prepare adults take advantage of new jobs in coding.

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