From gaming shop manager to analyst – Jared’s story

Jared Knueven, a graduate of our first Front-End Engineering cohort in Cincinnati, transitioned from an Assistant Manager at a local gaming shop to a full-time Integration Analyst at The Health Collaborative. Shortly into his professional career, Jared realized he didn’t love the job he was getting out of bed for every morning, and his college degree wasn’t opening up as many opportunities as anticipated. 

That realization isn’t uncommon today. The difference? Jared didn’t just accept his fate. He took charge of his career path. After receiving some advice from a few family members who work in the tech industry, he knew that his drive/determination paired with the expertise and support of The Iron Yard was exactly what he needed to launch the path to a new fulfilling career. 

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Fifth time’s the charm: How a college student finally found his dream career

As a college student, Michael changed his major five times before he finally realized that coding was the right choice. With a background in graphic design, he knew that The Iron Yard offered the expertise and support to fast-track him to his career. Here’s more of his story, in his own words. 

Talk about your life before The Iron Yard. What led you to decide to attend a coding bootcamp?

Before The Iron Yard, I was a college student working a part-time job that I hated, and I had never been able to figure out what I wanted to do in my life. During college, I changed my major five times in hopes of finding something that I was passionate about. While studying graphic design I took a basic Python programming class which led to me discovering my passion for programming. However, I was already four years into college and I didn’t want to spend my time and money on another four years. I researched every possible way for me to fast-track myself into the field and came across The Iron Yard and decided to sign up! Read More

Thriving during The Iron Yard: Advice from an IronGrad

Chris Meyers is a recent graduate of our Mobile Engineering course in Salt Lake City. He documented his journey throughout his cohort on his blog and he’s in the midst of interviewing for his first job in technology. 

We loved his advice for potential students on things to do to prepare for and thrive in a code bootcamp (and, specifically, at The Iron Yard). Read Chris’s blog post below:

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Journey to new horizons: Jonathan’s blog

Jonathan Colegrove is a current student in our Ruby On Rails course on the Tampa Bay/St. Pete campus and has been documenting his experience learning how to code on his blog.

After trying to learn to code on his own, Jonathan decided that the only way he could break into the development world would be by immersing himself and attending The Iron Yard full-time.

Read Jonathan’s blog post about the first week of his cohort below:

Journey to New Horizons

I just started school at The Iron Yard in St. Petersburg, FL last week, & have to say I’m impressed.

After deciding to switch from teaching English in Taiwan to software engineering, I tried to learn it on my own for free through (a wordy, but good site). Most of the material linked to CodeCademy (very useful site), others to Ruby Monk (too annoying & harder to navigate). I found Derek Banas’ concise videos later (absolutely amazing) later.

Welcome to learning programming on your own

There were a lot of “bang my head against the wall” moments, only to discover super-simple solutions. I realized I could advance much faster through a bootcamp, but didn’t want to take out a loan. I felt I was getting somewhere with my current skill level though, & wondered the next step.

LaunchCode, I thought! What better option than a program that placed accepted applicants in “lower”-paying ($15/hr) jobs ($15/hr is more than all my previous jobs!) for 3 months, followed by $25/hr, with no risk?! Turns out there’s a lot of competition, & that meant “learn more.”

Next I applied at an internship, which had a coding challenge. Following that, they mentioned Test-Driven-Development. How did one make tests? After hours of trying to muddle-through, I realized it was time to take out a loan.

Long story short: I ended up in St. Petersburg, FL @The Iron Yard. It’s been a week so far, & while much is review, there has been some important new material (specifically flexbox in CSS) & a WHOLE LOT of practice! (PS: “a lot of review” = 85% of everything I’d previously learned in a couple months covered in a few days!)

The new material combined with practice doing their detail-intensive projects has been absolutely beneficial. It’s also been an educational experience because The Iron Yard requires you to use a Mac (I’d previously only used Windows). Working alongside others has helped productivity so when 1 gets stuck we can bounce ideas off each other. I’m excited to keep on learning & can only imagine the depth of knowledge + experience I’ll achieve if we keep at the same pace for another 11 weeks!

Follow along with Jonathan’s journey here.

Code schools play integral role in Indy’s future

The Iron Yard’s campus director in Indianapolis, Emily Trimble, recently contributed an article to TechPoint discussing the important role code schools play in developing the junior-level talent that local employers need to hire. Emily makes the case that not only are code schools a crucial part of Indy’s tech ecosystem, the students graduating from these programs bring a fresh perspective to development teams that are extremely beneficial to employers – and we couldn’t agree more.  

Read the full article, including Emily’s insights on the Indy market and success stories from some of The Iron Yard’s local graduates, below:

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From massage therapist to developer: Hannah’s story

At 26, Hannah decided she was ready to start using her brain over her brawn – in part because she was already developing arthritis and carpal tunnel after six years working as a Massage Therapist. Her desire to find a career that could lead to more opportunity, and to have a job that was challenging her on a daily basis drove her to look into code schools and attend The Iron Yard. “I just was tired of going home and being in pain everyday and not being happy with what I was doing. I did some research on careers that weren’t going anywhere, and coding was number one.”

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An Iron Retrospective: Jake Boyles Front-End Engineering Instructor

Jake Boyles joined The Iron Yard’s team in May as the Front-End Engineering instructor in Cincinnati. His diverse background in software development, passion for teaching and welcoming personality make him an amazing mentor to his students and someone we are proud to have on our team!
Jake is wrapping up his first cohort and recently shared his thoughts about the journey so far on his LinkedIn page. We loved reading about his approach to teaching and learning more about the upcoming Cincinnati Demo Day where his students can show off what they’ve learned! Read Jake’s full post below:

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