We’ll see you at ATX Sass!

This post was written by Sam Kapila, our Web Design Instructor at The Iron Yard in Austin.

Last week at the Iron Yard Austin campus we kicked off classes in Front End Engineering and Ruby on Rails. And with Web Design starting at the end of January, we’ll have a full house of designers and developers learning and working together. Students in all three classes will learn about many industry-standard tools and processes including one of our favorites, Sass. Students in all three of our Austin courses and at other campuses are learning about Sass, a pre-processor for CSS that supercharges code,  saves designers and developers time, and allows those of us to value super clean code to feel things well organized and structured.

Something else we love? Austin’s booming meet-up scene. Lucky for us, we can have it all with Austin’s very own Sass meet-up, ATXSass. ATXSass is a great Sass- and CSS-specific meet-ups and one of Austin’s newest tech groups. Organizers Ian, Una, and Elyse have been organizing monthly events with speakers who use Sass in their project workflow since last summer. Since we’re huge fans of Sass at TIY, we sponsored the first meet-up along with other awesome sponsors! It was a great event and it was so cool to see seasoned Sassy folks and people interested in learning work through demos and code on screen and share pizza and enjoy a beer or two! We enjoyed it so much that we’re ecstatic to announce that we’re back for 2015 as annual sponsors! Read More