From A/V technician to software engineer: Jordan’s story

Jordan Anderson was doing well in his career as an audio-visual technician. He was at the precipice of entering a new position and learning new skills, but there was one big problem: he knew it wasn’t what he was supposed to do. At a Thanksgiving potluck, a friend brought up The Iron Yard. Having dabbled in some code before, Jordan chewed on the idea for a while and began asking for feedback from his family and friends who were already working as programmers. Read More

From Rocket Science to Rocking Code: Leslie’s story

Leslie Brown grew up in Orlando with a grandfather who worked at the Kennedy Space Center as a mechanical and systems engineer. As a kid, she often watched shuttles as they launched into space from Cape Canaveral. Excited and inspired by space travel, she ended up studying aerospace engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After graduating, she worked as a systems engineer for a defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, where she first started learning some code. Read More

Seeing the world in a different light: Jacob’s story

Jacob Mingus has been interested in technology since he was a kid playing classic video games like Nintendo 64. After working toward a degree in psychology for two years in a community college setting, he found the pace of traditional education too slow and decided to look into other options. After an article about coding bootcamps sparked his interest, he started digging into some research. That’s when he found out about the programs offered at our Austin, Texas campus. Read More