A message from The Iron Yard

Over the last four years, The Iron Yard has led the code school industry in preparing students for careers as software developers. The industry as a whole is still young and its leaders face the challenge of a nascent market, as well as the demands facing all institutions in the higher education marketplace.

In considering the current environment, the board of The Iron Yard has made the difficult decision to cease operations at all campuses after teaching out remaining summer cohorts. We will finish out summer classes completely, including career support.

While our journey is coming to an end, we will always take pride in the thousands of people our staff helped to launch new careers.


  1. Thank you for changing my life! You guys rock!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to learn from the terrific Austin and Dallas campuses. My new career continues to be amazing. My problem-solving and leadership skills are being put to use daily. I love learning new things, and I get a chance to do that all of the time now! I hope that all of the current students and faculty/staff land on their feet and continue to thrive!

  3. Going through the course with Mason was legitimately one of the more formative experiences of my 20’s, and the friends and skills I left with have had a significant and positive effect on my attempt at adulting. Sad to see you go.

  4. Thank You IY! I’m in the best career of my life and it all started with you.

  5. Daniel Donaldson

    Man, I’m sad, but looking back am so grateful to The Iron Yard for all the support and knowledge I received. Truly, my life has been changed for the better due to The Iron Yard.

  6. TIY changed my world. Thank you for a job well done. You will be missed.

  7. Thanks for the shirts, they’ll be collectibles. Would have loved to attend. Good luck to everyone!

  8. Thanks to Calvin, Sally, and Nick. Incredible developers, even better people.

  9. So sorry to hear – I am forever grateful for the opportunities I got from TIY

  10. It was an honor to have served, however briefly, on the Dallas advisory board. I wish everyone at The Iron Yard the best in future endeavors. Keep carrying that passion forward!

  11. This is sad news. I will be forever grateful for TIY, my life was totally transformed as a direct result of TIY. I know that the staff will land on their feet, and I wish them the very best. I will never forget Jake, Roy, Mason, Eric, Sam and all the many IY staff and alumni who spent countless hours helping me achieve my dream of becoming a professional developer. What a fantastic group of people, doing truly incredible work.

  12. I’m sorry to hear this. You had a tremendous impact on a lot of people’s lives and it was a pleasure working with your staff and students in Atlanta!

  13. Chris Harden (TROBO)

    Oh I’m so sorry. It was fun to see our friends there and see the company growing. Best of luck to those who funded the organization and those who are now having to leave.

  14. James Schacht

    Sorry to see you go. What happened? I can only assume the revenue model was unsustainable. It is a shame because the energy I felt when visiting your meetups was fantastic. If that only paid the bills.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and know you will find successes.

  15. Sorry to see the doors close. Have you considered offering virtual classes? Greatly reduces overhead. You can feature live instructor led and recorded sessions. A hybrid approach can provide students with the same accountability and live instruction, plus the added benefit of self-study resources as well.

  16. What are you guys doing next? Staying in the educating field?

  17. Sad news. My son had the opportunity to take several classes with you and my daughter took one also. Thank you for offering hat opportunity.

  18. Nothing short of professional and skillful from any alum that has gone through your classes. So sad to see you go 🙁

  19. Thanks for all you’ve done here in Greenville, SC as well. I’ve had multiple friends benefit from your classes, and I’m very grateful for the warm welcome and mentorship I’ve received from TIY ever since coming to town.

  20. Shontae Hogan

    The Iron Yard has totally changed my life. I am forever proud to have been one of the “elite” to have had to opportunity and exposure to such a great program both personally and academically. I have met some of the greatest people and have had some of the best experiences at and as a result of The Iron Yard. Truly a life changer, I don’t know where I’d be if not for TIY Raleigh and Durham. Shout out to the entire staff and my Cohort 4 family. You guys are the REAL MVPs.

  21. Very disappointed, this is what my daughter has been so excited about for months. I am crushed for her.

  22. Nicolas Yarosz

    Thanks for everything you’ve done in the Charleston SC campus to give my friends and many others the opportunity to start a new career. The Iron Yard will be missed!

  23. Very sorry to see you go. I had strongly considered joining your Indianapolis meetups sometime. I’m sad that now I’ll never get the chance. Best wishes to all of you!

  24. It will be lonely down in the AU@ATC here in Durham with you guys not bringing in a new cohort every few months.

    Best of Luck to the whole IY crew!

  25. As a graduate of TIY Houston , this is really sad and surprising news… TIY had some of the kindest, smartest, best people I ever had the fortune of working with. Many of which are good friends to this day. They helped me launch my career and really helped me get in my foot in the door of many companies here in Houston. My experience there I’ll hold high for years to come and I wish all of the staff there the best. I have no doubt they’ll all continue to do what they do best in changing lives for the better.

    Shout out to TIY Houston : Justin (Best Teacher evar ), Travis ( Best TA evar ), Christie ( Awesomeness is off the charts ) , Matt ( Grand Wizard ), and Brian (Best Damn BBQ cook, Director, and Life Changer! ) Coming to TIY was one of the best decisions of my life, and I want to share my deepest gratitude for helping me change my life for the better.

  26. Brandon Miller

    Thank you for everything you have done for me, all your students, and the communities that you touched.

    Going through The Iron Yard Front End Engineering Program in the Fall of 2013 was honestly one of the best things that happened to me. I learned so much from all of the staff involved and would not be where I am today without TIY team. I have also had the honor and privilege to meet and work beside a few great developers thanks to this program and one of the strongest coders I know at my office is a fellow Iron Yard Alumni.

    It hit me kind of hard hearing that this is the end of the program, but I will always be grateful for all the lessons taught and mentorship that I received from all of the wonderful staff. I wish the staff the best in whatever comes next for each of them.

  27. Amanda Thompson

    Thank you so much for your kinds words, Brandon.

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