“Keep Coding Y’all” – Jennilyn makes the turn for the homestretch

We’ve turned the corner to the second half of classes at The Iron Yard Greenville. We have been following along with current student Jennilyn as she is learning to code. Here are some excerpts from her daily posts – good, bad, tears and joy. 

Week 6


Friday was the dawn that turned Thursday’s monsters into piles of dirty socks and a big coat on the closet door. Our professors acknowledged everyone was feeling rocky (including them — can’t say enough good things about their honesty and patience!) so we did a review lesson which was very helpful. We also got some supplemental videos that provided a lot of ah-has.

Something I’m struggling with is my language focus choice (Ruby, Java, or Node/React). I went into this certain I would take a front-end route, but have found I enjoy the challenge of back-end more. (Don’t tell my graphic design professors this, but the thought of coding landing pages to spec every day makes me cringe.) However, it feels as though we didn’t dive into front-end as much as we are in back-end due to time spent on basics; even though we’re in a different focus the curriculum is still building.

There’s still two weeks to decide that, but in Iron Yard time you might as well say two hours. Thankfully we are going to have a preview of the languages on Friday. Between now and then I plan to research a bit more. And I know this is not a life-changing thing; eventually I will probably learn whatever languages I don’t pursue in this course.

Week 7


So, for today at least, I’m hungry for the language focus. I want to dig deeper into something and feel like I have some level of mastery. What that focus will be I haven’t decided. Perhaps tomorrow’s overview of our options will provide some more clarity.


Week 8


Because we had a long holiday weekend last week we’re a little behind which means this week is going to be nuts. I’m grateful I haven’t gotten behind on my work (yet… eek) as we had two bigger projects assigned today. One I am pretty excited about — it’s a fitness-tracker app that allows a user to record workouts. I hope to build out both the back- and front-end pieces.

What I’m saying is, if you need me, I’ll be coding my butt off.

#KeepCoding y’all!


TLDR: This might be the most we’ve covered in three days. Daily projects the size of weekly projects. Aaack!

Whoa, y’all. Things are gettin’ real here at The Iron Yard. It’s the middle of Week 8 and we are all praying for redemption from this hell.


We will check in with Jennilyn as she heads into the final few weeks of class, but in the meantime, follow along with her daily posts.

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