How is current student Jennilyn? Let’s check in

We’ve been following along with current Iron Yard student Jennilyn as she makes her way through the 12-week immersive class at our Greenville campus.
Let’s see how she is doing as we near the half-way point of class.

Week Five

Holy cow, this week is flying. We started back-end fundamentals this week and can I tell you that I am loving it? At least the material in the shallow end is a lot of fun. This week we are getting an overview, then we will dig deep in the three weeks ahead.

PLUS! We are learning some lightweight computer science. Er, internet science. Everything I’ve built so far is hosted on my internal server, which is why I can’t share a link with you (yet). We’ll learn hosting/deployment later.

I know I often say that I’m having, but it’s no lie. I truly love to learn, and am enjoying my time at The Iron Yard.

Hey y’all, I built a web app this week, and it’s been my favorite project so far. Challenging, frustrating at times, and a little weird, but I’m thrilled with the end result. Feel free to check it out, and play a song

Week six

Talk about a lot of information in six weeks. I’m likely missing some items from this list, and haven’t included the programming principles we’ve covered. I have come from minimal coding knowledge to a novice front-end engineer in six weeks. That’s incredible. Wow. When’s the last time I learned this much in such a short time? Infancy?

This week we’re stepping a little deeper into back-end fundamentals but still learning some parts and pieces. Feels like having flour, sugar, eggs, and cocoa, but no brownies!

I know I say this every week, but every week my projects get better — not just because the assignments are cooler, but because I’m absorbing at least some of the information I’m getting from the The Iron Yard firehose.

I am learning to take bites out of my projects and assignments (else every day would involve a tantrum/meltdown!). Each day, I decided to tackle one or two problems. If I got done with those and had time and patience left, I’d tackle one more.

We will check in with Jennilyn throughout her code learning journey, but in the meantime, follow along with her daily posts. Almost there, Jennilyn! Keep it up!

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