4 reasons to check out our web development coding courses

Since we started offering web development coding courses in 2013, thousands of people have graduated from The Iron Yard and have gone into careers in software development. With each graduating cohort, we take a hard look at how we can refine and adjust our web development courses to make sure they give students the exact tools they’ll need to become successful developers – no matter which programming language they choose to focus on.

This week, we shared four reasons why you should check out our Web Development Career Path with our friends at Switchup. Below is an excerpt of our conversation. Click here for the whole story on Switchup.

1. Full-time, expert instructors and mentors
Students often report that instructors were a top reason they chose The Iron Yard. That’s why we spend a ton of time ensuring we hire the right instructors for our web development coding courses—those who demonstrate passion, mentorship and expertise. It’s also why they hire full-time instructors who dedicate 100% of their time to instruction, and why they have applicants meet with instructors as part of the admissions process for full-time immersive courses.

2. Trusted, tested and licensed education
We were honored to be named one of Switchup’s 2016 Best Bootcamps. We love that real students who have gone through our courses have rated their experiences well.

We are a licensed post-secondary educational institution. That means we are licensed as a school by a specific regulatory agency or body in each state where we operate. These licensing bodies are made up of a combination of education experts and public officials who make sure schools are compliant with educational standards and student protections.

Click here for more on Switchup. 

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