Course Report’s take: Why they love the #YesWeCode Fund

It’s been a couple of weeks since we helped launch the #YesWeCode Fund, but excitement about the Fund (and the opportunity to expose even more people to the power of learning to code) hasn’t slowed one bit. Course Report was kind enough to feature the Fund last week as part of their “Scholarships We Love” series. We could have talked for hours about why initiatives like this are so important and why collaboration is key when it comes to making real change in the industry. 

Here’s how Course Report explained the awesomeness of the Fund: 

First, we’re always psyched to see partnerships between multiple coding bootcamps, so the collaboration between The Iron Yard, Code Fellows, and We Can Code It is inspiring.

Further, we all know that 18,000 bootcamp graduates enter the workforce each year, and those new developers can have a real, meaningful impact on the makeup of the tech workplace. Ensuring diversity and inclusion in coding bootcamps trickles into our workplaces, strengthens diverse perspectives amongst co-workers and boosts the efficacy of our teams. And beyond a moral imperative to boost diversity in tech, we know that more diverse teams actually perform better. As Sam Kapila of The Iron Yard puts it:

“As individuals and companies within the tech industry, we all have to hold each other accountable to update hiring and cultural practices. For example, there are studies that prove that having women and minorities in key product decision-making rules improves those products, and yet that is still not the norm. There are a lot of ways in which the tech industry can authentically promote a more diverse applicant pool, but we need to look at the whole system from access to education to mentorship and hiring and retention. Specifically to education, scholarships aren’t the only way, but they can be a starting place to removing barriers to education.”

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