Friday Q&A: What companies does The Iron Yard work with?

In this week’s installment of Friday Q&A, we’ll answer a question we get on all of our campuses – what companies do you work with?

The short answer to that question is that we work with dozens of companies around the country through our Corporate Training programs, as part of our local Advisory Boards and as hiring partners. Some of the companies we’ve worked with include IBM Design, Microsoft, GitHub, Amazon and AT&T, just to name a few.

But taking a step back, it’s important to look beyond who we work with, to the why and how we work with different companies.

First, the why: On each of our campuses, we have regular conversations with the local employers on the front lines of hiring. It’s important to understand that each market is unique and each organization within that market has unique hiring needs. Working one-on-one with the people who hire tech talent helps us gain a better understanding of how our students can be successful in that metro area. This process of constant information gathering is crucial and ensures our graduates’ skills are relevant and market-specific when they graduate. At the end of the day, this increases their opportunity to be competitive for great jobs in the tech industry.

Second, the how: At The Iron Yard, our Web Development Career Path is designed to help career-changers go from zero to job-ready junior developers. While learning technical skills is obviously at the heart of our courses, we also emphasize soft skills and help students get involved in their local tech community. We lay the foundations for understanding job postings, interviews and hiring processes in the tech industry. We cover what goes into great portfolios, cover letters, communication and project management.

Working with local companies is a big way we cover all of this information and tailor it to each campus market’s nuances. We like to involve local companies and their key staff as guest lecturers, and to help conduct mock interviews, facilitate hackathons and advise on final projects. This allows our students and employers in their market to get to know each other before the program is even over.

On each campus we have also established an Advisory Board made up of people and companies who have a stake in growing the tech ecosystem in every market where we have a campus. These partners give us an insiders perspective on the area’s tech needs, and provide invaluable feedback on our local curriculum and graduates.  

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