From staff to student and back: Adam’s story

This article was written by Adam Jahr, our campus operations manager in Orlando.

Working for The Iron Yard since early 2015, I’ve witnessed students’ brains change, minds unlock, and futures open up. The level of motivation, focus, and discipline required to transform oneself into a junior-level developer in just 3 months’ time is monumental.

I have never taken my job lightly. I am responsible for ensuring our campus is admitting students we believe can succeed through our model of education, and I support them every step of the way during the program and beyond. We’re literally changing lives, and I am honored to be supporting these inspiring souls.

And, as I’ve found, inspiration tends to rub off on you. That’s why last November I took a leap of faith in myself and became an Iron Yard student.

So… how was it?

In a word: incredible.

By the end of week 1, I was building websites from scratch. By the end of week 2, my skills surpassed those of a friend of mine who’d been taking programming classes for a year through a community college. Every week brought new challenges and new victories.

Was it tough? Of course.

Was it worth it? Without a doubt.

Learning to code really is learning a new language. After living 3 months in the land of JavaScript, I became conversational in it. Being able to imagine how you want an app to behave, then translating that idea into code and seeing it actually work in front of you is extremely fulfilling. I joke that I feel like a deity, turning thoughts into reality, with programmatic power at my fingertips.

As far as the emotional experience goes, code school induced feelings that ranged from frustration to huge wins. It can be tough battling with homework that won’t budge for hours. But when revelation and understanding prevail, breakthroughs happen. You can feel yourself leveling up with your knowledge, and with that knowledge comes power — power of creation. Creating not just apps, but creating the life you want to live.

Learning to code is learning a skill that can take you where you guide it to. Staying dedicated and focused on where you want to end up is rewarded handsomely in this field. And I don’t mean simply monetarily. This is the kind of career where you can work on impactful and inspiring projects, whether their entirely your own or you build them as part of a company’s team. You can literally build a better world for yourself and others.

I’m thrilled to be back working at The Iron Yard, using my newfound technical skills and empathy for the student experience to be an advocate for our students as we guide them up the mountain. Code school is definitely an uphill battle, but the view from the top is a beautiful one, ripe with opportunities that extend far into the distance, far into the futures of our graduates.

Is code school for everyone? No. I would be misleading people if I said it was easy. For many, it’s one of the most trying experiences they’ll encounter.

But if you’re seeking to know more, to become more… if you feel called toward the kind of fulfilling career that code school can help you create, I support you. I encourage you and I honor the courage within you to say yes to your potential.

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