5 Days of JavaScript

Sophia Khan is in the first half of her Front-End Engineering course on our Indianapolis campus. She has been chronicling her experience learning to code on her blog, and detailing her challenges and triumphs as she works her way through the course. After her first week, she took some time to reflect on the process so far. 

“I can see why people find coding addicting. There’s something intoxicating about the process of struggling through an issue until you reach that ‘Aha’ moment in which everything comes together,” she said. “It’s frustrating and demoralizing — but then in the space of an instant, intensely gratifying. Having finished week one at The Iron Yard, I feel the addiction beginning. Each new project started has the potential for that ‘Aha’ moment where it all comes together.”

And after her first week learning JavaScript, she shared her day-to-day progress in the post, “5 Days of JavaScript.” Read her thoughts below:

02/13/17: Navigating the JavaScript syntax. Breaking down statements. Differentiating data types.

The calm before the storm. I’ve taken a JS mini-course and know the bare minimum of what JavaScript can become. But, a JS-built Mad Libs game is the type of JS I want to live in. This I can handle. We’ll see how long that lasts.

02/14/17: Conditional statements. Operators. Functions. Fizzbuzz. I assume this is like the Chem-101 for coding students and job prospectives? Weed out the weak early.

Challenges like these are important: they showcase an array of abilities using a “simple” problem. But, on day 2 of coding in JS, this just felt abstract as hell. I’m looking forward to tackling this problem again in a few months.

02/15/17: More functions — the most functions: pure functions, callback functions, anonymous functions, higher order functions, closure functions. Immediately Invoked Functional Expressions.

I’m learning that JavaScript is a whole lot of over-complicating, re-evaluating, and simplifying. Functions are freakin’ hard — but I can tell I’ll love them one day (hopefully soon?).

02/16/17: Data types. Syntax.

Today was a day for laying foundations. Lecture was spent going over data types and how to use them in functions within the JS syntax. It’s dry stuff.

This was the first time I felt class dragged on, as we were just taking notes rather than coding alongside our teacher. To me, the real learning takes place when we have the chance to apply the work ourselves — to get confused, and mess up, and overcomplicate.

02/17/17: Rest.

Fridays at the Iron Yard are always my favorite. People roll in a little later, drink a little more coffee. We have the time to stumble through our code without the strict midnight deadline. It allows time for mistakes and easy conversation. Today, after correcting some of yesterday’s work, I will be working on a HTML+CSS mock-up — a necessary break from the intensive logic of JS.

Cheers to you, JavaScript. Here’s to 9 more weeks.

Follow Sophia’s journey on her blog here

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