Team member spotlight: Meet Devin, DC Urban Alliance intern

This month in Washington, DC, we welcomed a new intern from the Urban Alliance organization to our campus. Devin Mozee is a senior at McKinley Technology High School, a tech enthusiast and a huge asset to our team. The Urban Alliance program helps train the tech talent of the future by providing high school seniors with an intensive year-long experience featuring professional development training, paid internships and one-on-one support.

We sat down with Devin to learn more about how he found the Urban Alliance program, why he loves tech and what his goals are for the future:

Photo Credit: Scripps Howard Foundation Wire

Tell us about yourself: 

My name is Devin Mozee, I am a senior at McKinley Technology High School and a future UW-Madison student (Go Badgers!). I found The Iron Yard though the Urban Alliance program that is offered at my school. The program prepares high school students with formal training and internships pertaining to their career interest. Having an interest in computer science and code, Urban Alliance saw The Iron Yard as perfect fit for me and I couldn’t agree more!

Tell us why you love tech:

Growing up, I had the opportunity to be surrounded by tech. My mother introduced me to computers at a young age and from there I just fell in love. At first I was mostly interested in video games, but during middle school I learned a lot more about STEM and found a specific interest in computer science. Everything from logic gates to conditionals just clicked with me and I excelled through the course work.

After middle school, I knew I wanted to pursue computer science and joining my high school’s robotics team allowed me to solidify my skills in a high-pace work environment. Though an old member (now mentor) of the team, I learned a lot about software development and all the cool projects I could contribute to by getting involved in open source code. After becoming the lead programmer for the team I decided to switch languages from LabVIEW to Python. Python provided an easy way for future members to contribute code that other teams can use as well as apply the skills they learn in our school’s computer science courses to a project that will challenge them and build experiences that will be useful in the future.

Tell us about your goals:

I hope to pursue computer science in college with a focus on software development. I hope to get involved with Madison’s CS community and help get the department more involved with hack-a-thons and open source. However, I do also want to pursue a career in business software, specifically within the e-commerce realm of software development. My goal is to work at a company like Amazon and gain experience about the workings of how we buy products online and some of the problems that could arise handling such large and sensitive data. I want to take those experiences and provide a software as a service platform that helps new businesses sell their products effectively.

Want to learn more about Urban Alliance? Visit: 

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