The Iron Yard is one of SwitchUp’s best reviewed bootcamps

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Today, we’re thrilled to announce that The Iron Yard is a top-rated coding school on SwitchUp! We recently released our year-end ‘Best Coding Bootcamps’ list, and The Iron Yard currently boasts 64 alumni reviews at 4.2 stars.

The Iron Yard takes student feedback seriously, and it was exciting to see that reviewers were especially impressed by The Iron Yard’s teaching methods, hands-on curriculum and campus environment. Here’s the breakdown of what students have to say:

  1. You’ll learn how to learn: Alumni agreed that one of the most valuable aspects of The Iron Yard’s program is that it teaches students to ‘think like a developer’. In addition to specific technical skills, students learn to build problem-solving habits that can be applied to any programming language. Alumni felt that this approach set them up to succeed after graduation. As one reviewer explains:

“This program is unique in that it teaches you to think as a developer by being able to analyze what is in front of you, identify the problem, formulate a solution, and then apply the solution using the language and framework you enrolled for. The advantage of this approach is that it paves a more effective path for you to keep learning new frameworks and languages as you advance your career.”

  1. Hands-on, project-based curriculum: The mentality at the Iron Yard is that students learn best with hands-on, real-world projects. Students receive a new assignment to work through almost every day, and instructors are available both in-person and remotely to provide guidance. One reviewer talks about the course structure:

“The course was challenging, but my Instructor was a patient teacher. Every morning he would go over concepts for the day and show us how to do something. Then a break for lunch, and we would come back and begin on our assignments for the day. This was when I would actually learn the most. Often I would be working until 9 or 10 at night, but someone was always available on Slack for after hours questions. In general, I felt the 12 weeks moved fast, and I had no idea just how much I was learning until a few weeks after I finished and I started making my own site just for fun. Overall I felt I learned a lot and I enjoyed my time in the program.”

  1. You’ll be challenged and supported: Reviewers loved that throughout the process of switching careers, The Iron Yard supports their students every step of the way. Instructors knows that switching into tech is not easy, so they’ve built an environment that is equally challenging and supportive. One reviewer breaks it down:

“The staff at TIY St. Pete / Tampa were dedicated to my success. The work was challenging and I often felt like giving up but Toni, Jason and JD pushed me to keep going. They supported my strengths and helped me realize that my weaknesses could be overcome. I graduated and landed a job with a company that attended Demo Day. Nearly two years later, I continue to receive advice and support from The Iron Yard as I transition and grow in my career.

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