Why MOBI hires from The Iron Yard

The importance of our local advisory boards can’t be overstated. The companies we work with in each of our campus markets provide invaluable support to our students and graduates, insights on local hiring needs and feedback on our course offerings.

In Indianapolis, we have had the privilege of working with MOBI, a mobility management platform, since we first opened our doors in the Hoosier state. Course Report recently checked in with Eric Sendelbach, MOBI’s Chief Technology Officer, to talk about his role as CTO, his experience hiring Iron Grads and advice for other employers who are considering hiring bootcamp graduates.

Below is an excerpt from his interview:

How many Iron Yard graduates have you hired so far?

We hired two graduates out of the first cohort in October 2015, and then we hired two more graduates in March 2016. We’re looking to hire more as we speak.

The Iron Yard grads are being hired into back end roles. We call that role an Associate Software Developer.

Can you give us an example of what one of those Iron Yard graduates is now working on at MOBI?

We have our Iron Yard grads working on all kinds of things. A couple of them recently did a lot of heavy lifting on a new feature of our software called “support requests” which is a Zendesk-like system for supporting the employee bases of our customers. A significant part of our business is support and this replaced a less than ideal shared inbox solution with a robust web based solution that allowed us to balance the workload, track our performance against our SLAs with our customers, give a new level of visibility to the work we’re performing, and gain tremendous operational efficiencies.    

When you think about the 4 Iron Yard grads that you hired, what stood out about them? Was it their final project, their technical interview performance, a certain background?

Yes, to a certain extent, it’s all of those. They all had great projects at Demo Day, and it’s always attractive if the applicant was the leader of their group project.

We do technical interviews at MOBI. We already have a baseline because their projects are published on GitHub in public, and we can take a look at it. So that’s really nice.

We also look for individuals that are a cultural fit, because culture is really important to MOBI. We won TechPoint’s Culture Of The Year award for 2016, which made us extremely proud. Culture is something that weighs heavier than it might in a different company, when we’re looking for engineers on our team. We have a very tight-knit group.

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