9 reasons to learn to code in 2017

The new year is a chance to start fresh, tackle new goals and take steps toward self improvement. And with reports showing that 14 of the top 50 jobs in the U.S. are in tech, this year, why not add learning to code to your list of New Year’s goals?

Everyday we have the opportunity to talk to people who are looking to make a positive change in their life and take their first steps toward a rewarding career in tech. While people may have different reasons for pursuing the tech field – maybe they’re looking for a job with tons of upward mobility and earning potential, or maybe they’re just naturally creative problem solvers and drawn to all things tech – one theme remains constant: tech is the land of opportunity, no matter your career goal.

If you still need more inspiration, we talked to our instructors, all of whom are industry veterans, to learn what drew them to the tech field and what keeps them coming back for more.

Below are 9 reasons why you should learn to code in 2017:

  1. You can start a company with one person and a single computer. –  Jesse Wolgamott, Director of Back-End Engineering
  2. Everything in the world depends on it. – Giovanni DiFeterici, Director of Curriculum Design
  3. The abstract thinking and problem solving skills you learn can’t be understated. It’s amazing how much you can apply those skills to so many other aspects of your life. – Ben Gohlke, iOS Instructor
  4.  The only job that will be available once all the other jobs are automated by programmers. – Doug Hughes, Java Instructor
  5. My favorite quote from Bloomberg magazine’s “Code” edition really captures it: “If coders don’t run the world, they run the things that run the world.” – Gil Pratte, Java Instructor
  6. The moment when you realize this is just problem solving and that skill is so valuable in and outside of code. You can use your critical thinking to improve things for other people and really make an impact.  – Sam Kapila, Director of Instruction
  7. That ‘eff-yeah!’ feeling you get when you tell a computer to do something and it works. And they pay you for it. – Jesse Wolgamott, Director of Back-End Engineering
  8. I got into coding because I wanted to make something someone could use to make their life easier. In my previous career I couldn’t just go design a building, tell someone to start using it and pay me, but I saw all of my friends make products that people were throwing money at and they were providing value for their customers. I think that’s a super power that developers have. – Joel Taddei, Back-End Instructor
  9. It crosses all sectors and industries. There is not an industry that does not need or use code. – Jordan Kasper, Front-End Instructor

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