Advisory Board Member Spotlight: Launchpeer

Historically known for welcoming ships carrying goods that would make their way across the country, Charleston, South Carolina has long been a hub of commerce. Now, staying true to its roots, the city has transformed itself into “Silicon Harbor,” a modern-day port for technology companies that build products used all around the world. And as demand for tech talent and tech products increases across the globe, Charleston has plans to stay on top with the South Carolina Department of Commerce releasing a 2017 innovation plan earlier this month.

Since The Iron Yard first opened its doors in Charleston in 2014, we have graduated more than 200 students from eight cohorts and 16 courses. We have also built an outstanding advisory board of local companies both large and small that help us keep our finger on the pulse of the city’s thriving tech economy and hiring needs.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of those amazing advisory board members: Launchpeer, a development agency that helps entrepreneurs around the world build, launch and scale tech startups.  

We recently caught up with Annie Kosch, Launchpeer’s Customer Success Manager and recent transplant to Charleston, to talk about her role, the company’s growth and the seven Iron Grads the company has hired onto their development team.

Founded in 2014, Launchpeer specializes in building lean yet scalable web and mobile applications with an eye for their client’s budgets, timelines, funding, business and investment goals. They recognize that while many entrepreneurs have great ideas, they don’t necessarily have the resources or money to get started. That understanding is why they are upfront and transparent on their website about what it is they do and how much services cost. “If you have a great idea, we’re here for you,” Annie explains.

And it’s not just Launchpeer’s clients that are seeing success, the company itself is growing quickly and recently hired their 17th staff member. “People around the world have really good ideas and we want to help share them. So long as that keeps happening, we’ll continue to grow as a company and see our success grow as well.”

Out of Launchpeer’s 11 person development team, seven are graduates of The Iron Yard in Charleston, and most of them are career changers.

“I think that’s what is so great about them [as career changers],” Annie said. “For example, if you have sales experience, you know how to talk with clients. Then by having the coding knowledge too, you’re a really well-rounded employee, because not only can you handle clients, you can do the technical work as well.”

“They are all so smart and so good at what they do,” Annie continued. “[The Iron Yard] is a very intensive program and they’ve been employed so quickly, it gives me a lot of confidence in them and shows that they’re great workers and the program has helped them succeed.”

And Launchpeer keeps their team of developers busy, “We have curated services that align directly with the needs of our clients based on where they are in their startup journey. For example, customers with just an idea and no validation would opt for our Blueprint service, while customers who have built and launched their startup and are trying to grow it would opt for our Scale service. For each of these services our developers are highly integrated with the process, writing code, creating estimates, and generally providing a ton of value to our clients because of their incredible background, education and experience.”

With all of the incredible entrepreneurs Launchpeer works with Annie, who moved to Charleston from New York where she worked at companies like Mashable and A&E, sees a bright future for the local tech scene, “In New York the tech scene is huge, but it’s kind of intimidating and it’s a dog eat dog world. In Charleston, within my first week, I could see how people were really supporting each other and were there for each other. That’s a rare thing.”

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