A chat with code school Advisory Board member Jesse Curry

Jesse Curry is the Director of Development for Haneke Design in Tampa Bay, FL. He’s also one of our most engaged code school Advisory Board members and hiring partners. Four of our alumni are currently employed with Haneke Design, which is a small, privately-owned shop that focuses on mobile and web app design and development.

We recently touched base with Jesse to learn more about his story and why he hires Iron Yard grads. 

How has your career led you to your current role?
I come from a background of game development where user experience trumps everything. Joining Haneke Design allowed me to transition my skills into an environment with the same focus on user experience where we were working on practical applications. In the case of clients such ZVRS, we’re providing life-changing software solutions. I love the opportunity to work with a talented team of designer and developers building great software solutions.

What is your role in hiring developers for your company?
I work with our development mentors to evaluate and interview candidates, but the final hiring decision lies with me.

How did you get connected with The Iron Yard?
I was familiar with many of the local instructors through the tech community, all were very well respected and extremely knowledgeable. My first formal introduction came through Toni Warren, the Campus Director in Tampa Bay. After hiring one of the grads, Kyle, as a Ruby on Rails developer, we were able to confirm the quality of the program first hand.

Why is it important to you to serve on The Iron Yard’s code school Advisory Board?
The Iron Yard has given us such a great talent pipeline, I love to do what I can to help inform TIY of our needs and the broader needs of the dev community. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with other technology leaders in the area on a regular basis and discuss the state of the industry.

What are the top traits you look for when hiring developers? Top skills and languages?
The biggest trait that we hire for is passion. The industry changes so quickly that everyone is in a state of perpetual learning. Skills get stale and requirements change, but passion keeps a developer engaged. Being able to learn and adapt is important to us, knowing that a developer has completed The Iron Yard show us that they are able to grow their skill-sets and and apply what they’ve learned.

Our current top skills/languages are:
– Swift (iOS/tvOS/macOS/watchOS)
– Java (Android)
– JavaScript/React (web applications)
– HTML/CSS/PHP (web sites)

This recent report by Glassdoor says that employers are still facing the challenge of finding the right talent for the jobs they need to fill. How have you seen that at Haneke? How have you been able to identify and hire the right employees?
We’re a small, privately-owned shop which gives us a great deal of freedom in our hiring. Our goal when hiring is to find employees who will grow with the company and push our projects to the next level. We mainly look for people who have demonstrated a passion for development and an eye towards craftsmanship. We work to provide an environment where everyone can make positive contributions right away and where everyone has the opportunity to grow their skills in the direction they desire. We’ve been able to fill all of our open positions as needed, though it’s not uncommon to interview around 100 people for a particular spot.

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