Our IOS instructor weighs in on Apple software for CNBC, The Register

Both CNBC and The Register have recently published articles discussing the current state of Apple software. In both cases, our own Mobile Engineering instructor Mohammad Azam (who’s based on our Houston campus) was quoted as a top source on the quality of Apple software based on his experience both as a developer and as an instructor. Mohammad also writes about all things iOS on his blog, and is a frequent speaker at mobile development conferences around the world. 

mohammadEarlier this fall, Mohammad asked his Twitter followers for feedback on whether the quality of Apple software had gone down in recent years, and the question elicited a lively debate – both online and in his classroom.

In the CNBC article, he discussed the future of Apple’s developer tools. “Most of the issues are minor and I find a workaround for my students but I think the quality and performance of Apple developer tools is getting low as compared to what it was few years ago,” he said. “This certainly does not mean that iOS is doomed but I think Apple needs to work harder to make these tools much better and also invest their time and effort in services because in the next two to five years the real battle will be in the form of services and not hardware.”

mohammad-azam-twitterWe always say that our instructors are part mentor, part development expert, and part passionate educator. Mohammad is a great example of someone who is both fully committed to his students and committed to being an awesome developer in his own right. His experience and insight outside of the classroom is what makes him such a valuable instructor and mentor for our students.


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