How to land your first job in tech

Landing your first job can be tough. It takes hard work, persistence and patience. But rest assured, the time you spend perfecting your resume, talking to people at networking events and scouring the Internet for job postings, can – and will – pay off.

Last week, two of our amazing team members, Sam Kapila, Director of Instruction, and Emily Trimble, Campus Director in Indianapolis, shared their tips on how to land your first job in tech. Below are a few of their top pieces of advice:

Would you hire a photographer without seeing photos he’s taken in the past? Would you contract an architect without seeing what else she’s built? The same principle applies to developers. As a coder, you build things. You’ll get hired by showing proof of being able to build. You’ll provide that by having a portfolio of your work that allows you to walk an employer through what you’ve built and why you built it that way.

Read blogs and articles about the company you’re applying to. Referencing these in an interview will show you went the extra mile to familiarize yourself with the company and are excited about working for them!

In design and development, there are a ton of job titles thrown around and used differently by different employers. Instead of getting attached to a title, review the job requirements closely.

“Talking tech” is a skill that takes time to develop. So … practice. Find some problems to work through, talk to other developers, teach someone else, tell your mom about what you’ve learned — whatever method works best for you, practice talking about what you’ve done.

Want to read more advice from Sam and Emily? Read Emily’s TechPoint article, “4 steps to landing your first job in tech” and check out Sam’s interview with Built In Austin, here.

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