Introducing Foundations courses

Ever since we taught our very first course at The Iron Yard in 2013, we’ve worked every day to help as many people as we possibly can learn to code and launch successful programming careers. We believe that by helping people better understand the world of software development, they will be able to better harness the power of technology – for themselves, the places they work and their communities.

In a practical sense, many of the skills we’re teaching are applicable (and increasingly necessary) to almost every career and industry today. Whether people work in healthcare, government, manufacturing, marketing, retail or education, they often have to interact with some form of technology or work closely with technical professionals. From waiters taking orders at restaurants to doctors accessing in-room patient data, software has become a critical part of people’s daily work.

Our full-time, immersive courses are meant to help people launch completely new careers as software developers. We also know there are tons of people who might not be ready or able to take the plunge into an immersive course, but who could definitely benefit from learning the foundations of web development. After all, the ability to create or edit a website, understand the language developers use, or have a better handle on their company’s software programs can give professionals in all parts of the market a competitive advantage and make employees more valuable.

As we’ve said before, online and video tutorials are a great way for beginners to expose themselves to different programming languages and develop introductory skills and understanding. But as you go deeper, nothing can supplant the value of a real, professional programmer guiding you past the scripted assignments and mentoring you through the trickier barriers you face when you open a terminal and text editor and try to build something from scratch.

Today, we’re launching new “Foundations” courses at The Iron Yard. These classes will take place in the evenings over a two-week period, and will teach people how to build an interactive website from scratch. Students will gain a functional, foundational understanding of how the web works from a professional, in-person instructor.

If you’re interested in adding basic website development to your skillset or are ready to take the next step beyond online tutorials, Foundations courses are a great place to start.

Click here for all the information about our Foundational courses – everything from schedules and locations to a sample syllabus. We’re currently offering Foundational courses in Charleston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbia, Detroit and Raleigh.


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