Iron Journeys: A chat with Chris McCandlish, front-end engineer

Next up in our Iron Journeys student story series, we’re talking with Chris McCandlish, one of our graduates who works as a developer in Dallas for a company called Vinli. Chris actually took our Front-End Engineering course in Charleston – he was an editor at a newspaper and after reading tons of articles about The Iron Yard, he was intrigued. So he took a couple of coding classes to see whether he liked it, and he was hooked. “It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” he said. “It’s just a whole different way of thinking, and for me, it was hard to wrap my head around at first, but I just kept doing it. It was definitely difficult but totally worth it.”

Chris wanted to work for a startup, and he wanted to try a new city. He landed at Vinli in Dallas, where today he’s a front-end developer. “I love my job. I can honestly say that,” he said. Check out our full conversation with Chris below.

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