Two years after code bootcamp: Catching up with Thomas

When we last heard from Atlanta Front-End Engineering graduate Thomas McCracken, he was sharing his experience at The Iron Yard. Though coding, software development and technology weren’t foreign concepts to him with his background in geographic information systems, when his work started to more fully involve Python scripting, HTML and CSS, he was intrigued. “You could say I just kind of got the bug for it,” he said.“At first, coding seems very strict, but there’s so much freedom and creativity in how you write things. Coding gives you another tool to express yourself. I enjoy making HTML and CSS animations and things like that, and there’s just limitless possibilities to what you can do within coding.”

thomas-mccrackenAfter graduating, Thomas went to work for the Atlanta-based Soltech where he worked as a User Interface Engineer for a little over a year and half. “I really enjoyed my time at Soltech,” Thomas said. “I had lots of great projects to work on and enjoyed all of the people I worked with.”

However, when he got an email from the CTO of Florence, a cloud-based healthcare management system, asking him to come in for an interview, Thomas couldn’t say no. “Healthcare is something I thought would be rewarding rather than just creating another messaging app or some other application,” he said.

“They were looking for an Angular expert, and I explained to them I’d worked with Angular but wasn’t quite an expert,” he said. They gave me a chance anyway, and I really enjoyed the process and the company.”

Thomas’ advice to newer graduates is to keep learning. “There’s a lot more learning to do after you graduate,” he said. “There’s still a lot to know after you graduate and start working. You have to be dedicated and passionate to the job, to the craft of coding.”


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