Naghmeh’s Iron Journey: Setting an example for her daughter

When Naghmeh’s daughter was in kindergarten, she noticed that more boys were playing video games than girls. “She wasn’t ok with that,” Naghmeh said. Then and there, she decided to set an example for her daughter by going into the technology field.

Naghmeh recently finished our Back-End Engineering with Ruby on Rails course in Austin. She used to run her own family business – a home-based bakery. She made everything from scratch and offered tons of specialty items for clients with food restrictions. “For my business to take off, I had to have a website, because I didn’t have a storefront,” she said. “The person who managed my website moved out of town, and I was left alone and had to manage the site. I had no clue what HTML or CSS was, tags…I had to look it up online.” She started going to Meetups and began coding more than she was baking. That’s when she realized she wanted to make the move into technology and inspire others (particularly women) to get into the field. 

On this #AdaLovelaceDay, Naghmeh’s story is a great reminder that women should be represented equally in technology. “Some just need to be taught that it’s ok to know your mind and go get what you want,” Naghmeh said. Check out Naghmeh’s #IronJourney video interview below and let us know: what women in tech inspire you?

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